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Monday, January 10, 2011

Editorial Comment from Suede

I just wanted to say thank you to my fellow Bloggers on the SuperElite Blog, Deeta, Vanessinha, Bierno and Serene and not forgetting of course our newest Bloggers Alon and Ayalla Alphaville.
UK Couture
Your posts over the last year have been wonderful, beautiful pictures, great choice of clothing, a huge variety of styles and looks and throughout it all , you guys have been totally professional. I could not have asked for a more talented group of people to work with.
Fashion by Double A Presents: *Akers*
Fashion by Double A presents: Zenith
I know how much time and effort you have all put into making the SuperElite blog a success, with hours spent, sourcing clothes and photo shopping pictures and the actual blogging itself. It is always been appreciated by me and I have valued your input tremendously.
I have posted some of the photos of my friends which I nicked off their flickr photostreams that I loved.I hope you like them too

Misty - Donna Flora

Vanessinha Vectoscope
Thanks also to our readers for your comments and interest our blog. We hope you have enjoyed reading our posts as much as we have making them.
Suede Sixpence

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! This is Alphaville's first post in 2011 to The SuperElite blog, so first of all, we want to wish you all an amazing 2011!!!! May all your dreams come true, in your SL and RL! So, today is a day to relax and recover from New Year's Party and start the first week of the year with a lot of energy!

These outfits are just a good option to spend the day hanging out, talking and making plans.... Have a great week you all!

Alon wears:
Skin: Axel type 2 fuzz-freckles by [DNA]
Hair: James dark brown by MADesigns
Eyes: Natural eyes 14 blue by Unique Megastore
Sweater: ALP Swaters bark by Concrete Flowers
Pants: Tribal Jeans Moss by WOE (free - subscribe board woe)
Shoes: Nyox Coffee by Kookie

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Alena - by *OC*
Outfit: Beige Rashelle - by Zenith
Hair: Quinn (night) - by Truth
Earrings: Rigoletto Pierced Silver - by U&R DOGS
Eyelashes: flirty (brown) - by Laqroki
Eyes: Sensitive # 12 - by Unique Megastore
Shoes: Classic Pumps (black) - by RedGrave

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville