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Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Serene Is Miss Virtual World 2011


I just found out that our team blogger Serene has won Miss Virtual World 2011, she was Miss Hongkong. Serene always looks fantastic and stylish and so my personal opinion is that is totally deserved and I just wanted to post this to say how pleased we are at superELITE that one of our own, has climbed to such heights, I mean seriously.. this is big, huge, massive..

So here are a couple of photos of Serene

I have been reading up on the competition which had over a thousand entrees, which reduced to just over 150 pre-finalists, and finally down to the 24 finalists, and then eventually down to one crown, which Serene is now wearing on her perfect pixel hair. :).

I loved looking at the photos so much I have added the links below, some of the outfits are just beyond words, next year I think I gonna see if I can get involved it looks like so much fun.

I have included her flickr address, so you can see more photos

This is a link to a series of smaller shots of all the contestants for 2011

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