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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Louisa - Miamai


I am very excited by Miamai's new collection Black Label. All the designs are so original and dramatic and allow your more creative side out. I am showing you Louisa which is bold in colour and has all the drama you could ever want. The dress comes complete with necklace and earrings and the most delightful head adornment. It is one of those outfits which you can simply unpack pop on and not need to go hunting through your inventory to find matching items. It is done for you and done so well. 

The dress has a beautiful sculpted skirt which is long and has the most opulent of colours. The gloves have prim flower attachments echoing the headpiece and necklace and the whole gown is an amazing design.

I have added a hairpiece from Amacci. I just love the designs by Carina Larsen and this one needs to be worn with a hairbase or a skin with it's own hairbase. I have chosen the stunning skin from Redgrave called Trinity. There are a number of delightful makeups included with the fat pack and they are excellent for combining with a formal look.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Redgrave, Trinity Paper Skin *Venice Hairbase* (Emilia Redgrave)
Hair - Amacci Hair, Rona *Black Coal* (Carina Larsen)
Gown - Miamai, Black Label , Louisa (Monica Outlander)
Poses - Agapee (Argnit Igaly)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deyanira is Glam

Gold In The Night
From The SuperELITE

So continuing with my love affair with the beautiful clothes from * Gold in the Night* by Elisea Carter I am pleased to be showing you, my next offering, a wonderful, classic winter gown with a very cool turban, which just adds that certain something to the whole ensemble. As with most of these dresses the skirts come in a variety of choices and you can have prim attachments on your arms and the front of the dress from the top of the dress to the neck
From The SuperELITE

I am wearing the wonderful Giftie Skin from GlamAffair * Jadis* let me count the ways I love this skin, and with the lace detail along the eye, it is just the perfect match for the sombre and formal look of this dress.. just gives it an air of something naughty, underneath all those layers.
As for earrings I went with a very heavy ornate pair from Zaara with matching necklace.
From The SuperELITE

Style Card
Skin Jadis Gift Skin GlamAffair
Dress Deyanira by Elisea Carter
Jewelry Zaara

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chloe and Grace


I came across a skin shop called PopArt Skins I haven't been in and liked what I saw and the designer kindly sent me a couple of Skins to preview for you. Chloe in Natural ( the blonde) and Grace in Sunkiss ( the brunette).

The skin is quite strongly drawn and overwhelmed my normal shape a bit and so I looked around in my inventory and found a nice shape by Fantishee Jewel called Ashea which complemented the skin nicely.

I went shopping on Marketplace which I find I do quite often nowadays as the lag is just killing me everywhere I go, and found this lovely unusual lingerie set from Hollow Angel Designs, I love that pompom skirt, I wanna add it to other outfits. Shoes are from Annexx.

The lingerie has a lot of different options for bra and knickers, including a shelf bra.. ohhh so naughty and a full bra which is very pretty and of course you don't have to wear the skirt, if you don't want too.

Style Card

Skins Chloe in Natural - Popart Skins
Grace in Sunkiss - Popart Skins
Lingerie Starlight Glitter - Hollow Angel Designs ( bought on Marketplace)
Hair by Boon
Shoes Lace up Sandals in White by Annexx
Earrings and Ring by Zaara

Our Serene Is Miss Virtual World 2011


I just found out that our team blogger Serene has won Miss Virtual World 2011, she was Miss Hongkong. Serene always looks fantastic and stylish and so my personal opinion is that is totally deserved and I just wanted to post this to say how pleased we are at superELITE that one of our own, has climbed to such heights, I mean seriously.. this is big, huge, massive..

So here are a couple of photos of Serene

I have been reading up on the competition which had over a thousand entrees, which reduced to just over 150 pre-finalists, and finally down to the 24 finalists, and then eventually down to one crown, which Serene is now wearing on her perfect pixel hair. :).

I loved looking at the photos so much I have added the links below, some of the outfits are just beyond words, next year I think I gonna see if I can get involved it looks like so much fun.

I have included her flickr address, so you can see more photos

This is a link to a series of smaller shots of all the contestants for 2011

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yes, dreams can come true!

The magic in SL is that making dreams coming true are so much easier. Such as a wedding... let's say it's the easier part (after you find the right person, the most difficult one, right? lol). So, today's post we will share this wedding outfits! It's to help getting you inspired! We visited Rebel Hope Designs and got the outfits there. There is a lot of models you can choose there, for him and for her. They also sell at the Market Place website.

There are thousands of options around the grid, all kinds of weddings you can imagine. If you want a gorean, vampire, gothic, classical, modern, on the beach, sophisticated wedding, you will find all that you need in SL. Since clothes until the most beautiful decoration ever! Just like a dream coming true! Poses, cakes, cheers, everything you need and things you never though about! Oh, and don't forget your Honey Moon, ok? 
And the most important thing is to keep going on after this " The Big Day", keep going after and living this dream... Happily Ever After!

Alon wears:

Skin: Axel type 1 Eyeliner by [DNA]
Eyes: Natural eyes 6 green by Unique Megastore
Hair: Liam by Truth 
Outfit: RH Signature Tails Tuxedo Black - Rebel Hope
Shoes: Elegance Shoes Black by Redgrave

Ayalla wears:

Skin: Alena - by *OC*
Shoes: Harlequin Pump - by Rebel Hope Designs
Wedding Gown: Harlequim Wedding Gown White - by Rebel Hope Designs
Eyelashes: Flirty - by Redgrave
Eyes: Sensitive # 1 - by Unique Megastore
Jewelry: All That Jazz Necklace Set (platinum) - by Rebel Hope Designs
Hair: Seraphina (chocolate) - by Truth

Have a great week you all! Hugs,

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Manon in Ivory


From The SuperELITE

I found this amazing vintage style evening gown by Elisea Carter. The textures and detail on this gown are superb, from the crinkle on the fabric to the delicate lacework on the bodice, it comes with matching gloves and also with a necklace and delicate jewelry belt, It also has a delightful prim collar with a little bow at the back, which you cannot see because I put on long hair for the shoot, but with an updo, it would be a very cute touch.
From The SuperELITE
From The SuperELITE

I particularly like the way the lace continues around the body, the seams are very well done, and the dress stayed looking good in a variety of poses, not much warping around the torso. I know my hair is spiking me, but I didn't have time to photoshop it out, I had a nasty appointment with the dentist, and I really wanted to show this dress to you, so the hair stayed.

From The SuperELITE

I matched up the dress with Aoharu's Suede Laceup sandals also in white and my hair is from Lamb,' Say' in Powder from the Grayscale pack.

Link to the store

Style Card
Dress "Manon ivory long" Elisea Carter
Skin LAQ ~ Nellie 04 [Peach] Glow skin (brown hairbase)
Shoes AOHARU_WALK_SuedeLaceupSandal
Hair !lamb. Say - Powder

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gues what? Summer Outfits!!! Of course??? lol

Yeah, summer, why not?? In SL there are thousands of people below the tropics that are entering into a delicious summer now, so why not a summer outfit for them too? Check it out! 

Alon is wearing:
Skin: Dead Bunneh - December male gift
Shape: my own
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural eyes brown
Hair: MADesigns Hair - BOOTH - Dark Brown
Shirt: COCO - Vintage Aloha Shirt Black
Pants: Laqroki - Khaki Shorts Earth

Ayalla is wearing:
Skin: Alena - by *OC* (Orage Creations)
Shape: made by Alon (sorry, we don't accept custom)
Hair: Emily (sandlewood) - by Truth
Bikini: Corscia Bikini Set Mauve - by SF Designs
Eyelashes: Flirty (blue) - by Laqroki 
Eyes: Sensitive # 14 - Unique Megastore
Poses for both: *Agapee*

So, for you that are below the tropics, Merry "hot" Christmas! Summer is awesome! So enjoy your summer and... make sure your Santa is wearing swimsuit! Otherwise he will melt down there!

Also, we want to say a special thanks to Katsumi Foxclaw, owner and creator from Dead Bunneh for great skin and for being such a kind person.

Alon and Ayalla Alphaville 

Guess what? Winter outfit, of course!!!

Winter is here!!! This week snowed for the first time in this season this year here, so we decided to make a post about winter outfit. This is such a great season! I read in a Christmas Card yesterday that: Snowflakes are letters that God use to script in the winter sky a Merry Christmas to men" Think about it... I think it's totally right! Once said that, let's see what we got!

Alon wears:
Skin: Unique Megastore - Jhonny (new release)
Shape: Unique Megastore - Jhonny
Eyes: Unique Megastore - Natural eyes brown
Hair: MADesigns Hair - BOSTON (fabric) black
Sunglasses: Role Optic - SG-54 Cato IV
Outfit: SHIKI - Leather jacket Twilight
Shoes: REDGRAVE - Aviator Loafers black
Poses for both: Agapee

Ayalla wears:
Skin: Winnie (orange) - by Rozena 
Shape: Winnie - by Rozena
Eyes: Sensitive # 14 - by Unique Megastore
Hair: Amira (black pearl - dark tones) - by Sebis
Outfit: By the Fire - by Siss Boom 
Shoes: Moscow Boots (Pure Black) - by RedGrave

Stay tunned here at The SuperElite, there is a lot to come before Christmas yet! We're all doing our best to give you quality in our blog! We, the Alphavilles, are so happy to be part of this family!!! Have a great week you all!

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh.. it's never cold with a nice jacket

From The SuperELITE
This beautiful luxurious creation comes from Indyra Originals, I haven't been in there in a long time, and it's a mistake, I was actually looking at another shop and wandered in and I was very very impressed. I will be going back for sure.

Anyway onto the jacket, it comes in black and white, the white version has different coloured metallic straps on them and the black is mixed in with several different animal prints, depends on your taste which you like the best. I preferred the plain black best, even though it was probably the most boring of the lot.

From The SuperELITE
From The SuperELITE
I teamed the jacket up with with some gorgeous black and white lingerie I picked up from a little hole in the wall boutique and my hair was a total bargain, boots are from the Diamonds hunt, but I know they have them in store at Mimi's choice. Earrings are from Redgrave.

Style Card
Skin LAQ ~ Nellie 07 [Peach] Glow skin (brown hairbase)
Hair. +*HS*+. Hair ::KIRI:: Mocha
Jacket Indyra Orginials, Republica Fur jacket
Earrings Black Teardrop *REDGRAVE*
Lingerie Java Lingerie Lace Interupted Black ( Simone Udimo)
Boots FJ Designs,( in Mimi's Choice) Foxy boots in black

I have put a link to Simone's Store
Simone Udimo, JAVA DESIGNS , City of Fear (98, 68, 53)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adiva, The redcarpet gown

aDiva Couture Jaydin Couture Red Carpet Sequin Gown

From The SuperELITE

If you are still shopping for a *WOW* gown for an autumn or christmas ball, you could'nt do better than this wonderful Ombre gown from Adiva, remember how I love Ombre, this dress is such an amazing colour,with beautiful and seamless transition through shades of brown to the rich warm glow of the skirt.

From The SuperELITE

As it has many options, you can remove the long train and have smaller skirt and you can remove the attachment at the front with the jewel. I have matched this up with Audrey Skin from Tuli and a old gift necklace from YS&YS, but I think it is available in store or at least something similar is.

From The SuperELITE

Style Card
Skin Audrey 3-05 with Lipstick Matt 8
Lashes Lola Lelutka
Dress aDiva Couture Jaydin Red Carpet Sequin Gown
Necklace YS&YS Afrika Gold ( old group gift)
Hair Analog Dog April in Crimson

Shot on Location At JaZoo - The Zilch Sea

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

52 weeks of colour

This is one of the most fun challenges to hit the fashion feeds, I was doing shots here and there but then my OCD took over and I made some backgrounds in Photoshop, and I think I like the controlled look of them, when they are grouped together, let you see the weeks I have done so far.
From 52 weeks of colour
From 52 weeks of colour
From 52 weeks of colour
From 52 weeks of colour
From 52 weeks of colour
From 52 weeks of colour

I have sepia on the go.. not sure about it though it is proving hard to find the right colours

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Building your avatar for free (or almost free!!)

Hello Best Readers!!! Real Life has been a little crazy these last few days, but we were planning this post for a long time already, so we can't wait to make it!

We have met a lot of people saying that they can not play Second Life, because they can't afford it, they have no conditions to spend money in the game and so. But in this post we will give you some information and share some finds that will make your second life funnier and your avatar fashion!

Before showing you the clothes, hairs, and all the fancy things you can get (and there is a lot to her and to him!!!), we want to give a little more information about freebies.

There are several ways you can get free and quality stuff. Some stores, give freebies from time to time (monthly, weekly, every 2 weeks and so). To be informed, you probably will need to join the store group or subscribe. There are also dollarbies or lindenbies (they are almost free, you have to pay usually 1L)

There are also the famous and traditional lucky chairs, lucky boards, where you will see one letter or number there and if your first second life name starts with that letter or number you can get the prize that will be eligible there. Some of them are really worth!

We can't forget to mention about the MM (Midnight Mania) boards. They have a prize there and some numbers, for example: 21/50. It means that you need 50 clicks to the prize be delivered and you got already 21. The only difference is that when the 50 clicks are reached, the board closes and the prizes are delivered at midnight (SLT).

Then, moving from the freebies and/or almost free items, to the very cheat items, we have some events that happen in SL every week. For example, there are events that happen some days of the week, for example Friday and you can find one or more items of the participant stores, per a very special price, but just for one day. There are some events that you can find around with such bargain for some days of the week.

Also, stores always give away seasonal items. For example now for Christmas, we can find a lot of them!

Another shopping for free (or almost free... or very cheat) option is shopping at the You can look for the item you are looking for there and ask to show from the lower to the higher price. You will find a lot of freebies there and the advantage is that you can get them with no lag! But remember to be online in SL when you make your shopping or you can have your delivery of the items capped.

I can't finish this post without talking about the hunts, a great fever in SL. Remember when you were young and you used to play treasure hunt? It's the same thing, you find the hidden gift in one store and it has the landmark of the next store. Then you go and find the another gift and so on. They are really fun and they usually have awesome presents. There are hunts all over the year, so stay tunned, I'm sure that there is one right now that you will probably love, just look for it!

So, let's go to the hints!!!

Ayalla is wearing free hair from Truth (Jess). The eyes are special X'mas edition from Poetic Colors. This skin is a free gift from *JeSyLiLO* - ::JESYFreeGift::*PALE*J4. There are some free skins there, you should get it, as LiLO Glom, store owner and designer was inspired by Santa and gave us this special perks!

Alon is wearing a free hair from Hair: Uw.St - Reed Hair. The eyes are also the special edition from Poetic Colors. The skin is also from *JeSyLiLO* - MaleFreeGift Skin J2. There are 8 free skins available for guys at the store!

Here we can see Alon's free shape from Sophistishapes (this shape is the gift the designer is offering due to the DIMH - Diamond Hunt - it's called Etienne). The free shirt and pants are from Shiki (shirt - Vneck Argyle Sweater - October gift and pants PINE - November gift). The free jacket is from Alphamale (Classic Leather Jacket). The free shoes are from Zanzo (Noon Ratler Slipz - DIMH - the diamond hunt). The earrings are from Bandit Jewelry (Diamong Earrings - DIMH - the diamond hunt). And finally, but not less important, sunglasses are from Kumaki Glasses (K_gs Glory - DIMH - Diamont Hunt).

Now, sharing Ayalla's outfit: the top and skirt are subscribe gifts from Mimi's Choice. When you join the store group's subscribe, Mimi Juneau automatically says thank you sending you this fancy outfit. Did you know you can have amazing eyelashes in SL? Oh yeah... and for free. Ayalla's are from EdelStore. The shoes were shopped from the website (xstreet), also for free! They are a gift from ..::VDI::.. (Charcoal Pointed Sculpted Shoes).

And here are both of us proud of our free looks :D. We hope you enjoyed these suggestions. Most of them are temporary freebies at the links we sent you, but the intention of this post was to inform you that it's possible to keep your avatar original and fashion if you really look for it! All these freebies were made by designers that care about us, they put time and also invest to give us the freebies (they cost to be put on sale!). 
And also, maybe, if you can spend some money in the game, or may come to spend some in the future, save these landmarks and store names! It's a good way to say thank you to the designers too.

See you next post! Have an awesome week you all!

Ayalla and Alon Alphaville

Evion Dress and Winter leggings/Shoes - Baiastice


I just adore the designs from Baiastice and I am showing the fantastic Evion Dress and Winter Leggings. I love the way Sissy Pessoa has incorporated the shoes in to the leggings and the PVC is just gorgeous! Evion dress has fantastic flowing sleeves and the textures are divine. Both items are available now.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - League, Amber Medium, Brunette *Glam* (Nena Janus)
Hair - Shag Hair, These things *Blonde* (Sebastien Aries)
Top - Baiastice, Evion Dress *Dark Grey* (Sissy Pessoa)
Legging/Shoes - Baiastice, Winter Leggings/shoes PVC *Black* (Sissy Pessoa)
Bag - Shade Throne, The City Handbag *Black and Houndtooth* (Undo Hermano)
Earrings - Shade Throne, Rachel Earrings (Undo Hermano)
Poses - Adorkable (Adorkable Peapod)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Writer Position at SuperELITE

Hi Everyone,

Do you love fashion and love to write about it

Elsker du mode og elsker at skrive om det

Máte rádi módu a rádi se psát o tom

Mahal fashion at pag-ibig na magsulat tungkol sa mga ito

Vous aimez la mode et l'amour d'écrire à ce sujet
Sie lieben Mode und Liebe, darüber zu schreiben

Αγαπάτε τη μόδα και την αγάπη να γράψω για αυτό

Czy miłość moda i miłości o tym pisać

¿Te gusta la moda y el amor a escribir sobre ella

Ydych chi'n caru ffasiwn ac wrth eu bodd yn ysgrifennu yn ei gylch
צי איר ליבע שניט און ליבע צו שרייַבן וועגן אים Вы любите моды и любви, чтобы написать об этом
Elsker du mote og elsker å skrive om det

We are looking for new writers to join our team, our requirements are listed below, send me a note card in world if you are interested.
  • Bilingual, your own language and English
  • Be able to post in both languages
  • Be a quality photographer
  • Have a love of fashion in Second Life
  • Be prepared to show your own style and individuality
This position is about style and individuality, we are looking for someone who can mix and match brands and ideas, old and new. While we love new releases, everyone does them, there is not much point in us doing the same as everyone else, we want to be a little different, more adventurous, for us to inspire others with our ideas. It's all about Style Style Style..... Think you fit.?

Adiva, Coffee Cream

From The SuperELITE
With Christmas balls and parties just around the corner, we are seeing lots of beautiful dresses on the grid, and none are more beautiful than this incredible Ombre style evening gown by Adiva.

It flows beautifuly and the long train can be detached if you choose, it has a carefully sequinned bodice and the colours blend smoothly from dark coffee brown down through the shades to cream, the hemline is carefully embroidered with lovely art deco style border.
From The SuperELITE
My Nellie skin from LAQ comes in a brown hair base and I purchased her new updo in brown last night to go with this dress, I didn't want an ornate style to distract from the gown, but I thought it looked too plain and so I matched it up with a lovely delicate headpiece which is part of the Spell Ensemble from GCD which I showed you a few posts ago. I don't know if the headpiece is available separately, but I am sure you can ask Gwen directly if you are desperate to have it.

From The SuperELITE
I took this photo session on location in AlchemyImmortalis outside Loth Mor Ticking & Toil Cottage , this is one of best spots on this sim and I used my new best friend the ANI-Mate Hud for my poses, and I fiddled around with the windlight settings until I found a dusk setting I liked.

SKIN LAQ Nellie and Audrey Blend, Nellie 07 and Audrey Lipstick 08
DRESS aDIVA Couture Jaydin Red Carpet Sequined Gown Coffee Cream
HAIR LAQ, Nellie Hairbase brown & LAQ Updo in Brown #01
HEADPIECE GCD, Spell Crown - Ice
EARRINGS Paper Couture Diamond Circle Drop Earring
POSES ANI-mate Pose HUD 1.05 #100 Modeling Animations

From The SuperELITE

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Silver and Blue

Sexy metallic

From The SuperELITE

With winter here and this being the 1st of December, I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit, I always do a colour theme at home in RL with my decorations.. either in Silver and Blue/Purple or Gold and Red, this year I thought the Silver theme would be really nice, and so with that idea in mind in I decided create a blogpost in those colours too.

So first we have Belleza Elle skin in Pale, with Donatella Hair attachment from Baiastice in Blonde, her attachments are really excellent if you have not checked them out yet,
you should really make time.

From The SuperELITE

From The SuperELITE

From The SuperELITE
My top is also from Baiastice and comes in a range of colours, all with that metallic sheen on them, and I also really like the sleeves which have a double attachment and look really good when you move, my silver skirt which also moves very well , comes from Elymode and My boots are from Bax, Prestige in Silver.
Jewelry is from Zaara

Style Card
Skin Belleza Elle Fair Blonde Hair base
Hair Attachment Baiastice Donatella Blonde
Top Baiastice Soie Brillant - bluette
Skirt Elymode Angle waist Skirt Silver
Boots Bax Prestige Boots in Silver
Jewerly Zaara Nizam necklace Short