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Monday, November 29, 2010

Spell By GCD ( Gwen Carillon Designs)

From The SuperELITE

Winter is here and this delicate white gown from GCD was dropped into my inventory yesterday evening , is a wonderful mixture of delicate fabric and cold winter sharpness,It has a very large bow on the bottom, a trademark from GCD I think as several of her outfits have this bow and I personally love it.
From The SuperELITE

I also really like the cuffs on the long gloves and if you notice there are a couple of little tattoos on my hips, which add a interesting edge to this very feminine gown. I teamed up this ensemble with the Elle Skin from Belleza in fair with blonde hair base, Hair attachment from Baiastice and jewelry from Zaara, and long white boots from Eknythings, even though you cannot really see them.
From The SuperELITE

These pictures were shot on location at Greenburg using blizzard setting, also used was the new VEXTRA DESIGN* ANI-mate Pose HUD, which is totally excellent for taking photos on location especially on sims with no rezz.

I will be talking more about this great photographic tool, in another post.

Style Card
Skin Belleza Elle, Pale Blonde Hair base
Hair Attachment Baiastice Fedora in Blonde Peach
Dress GCD Spell
Jewelry Zaara

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Many faces of Audrey


From The SuperELITE

( Audrey Base without lipstick)

I went to Tuli to check out her new skin line, which is always very soft and feminine, which is the look I prefer, when I looked at her fatback I realised that with the introduction of the lipstick on the tattoo layer the combinations of eyeshadow and lipstick were huge, so I decided to bite the bullet and bought the fatback and I am not sorry.

Below I am showing you one of the eye shadows, I think it is number 4, which also comes in a freckle version as well, matched up with a selection of lipsticks on the tattoo layer which also come in both gloss and matte.

From The SuperELITE

(Pale pink Lipstick)
From The SuperELITE

(Fushia Lipstick)
From The SuperELITE

(Plum Lipstick)

I know we are all skin addicts, but actually this skin might keep you going for a few months because it is so adaptable.

From The SuperELITE

(Caramel Lipstick)

There are more and of course also the gloss effect these are all matte I showed you today, Additionally to the skin is also eyelashes on the tattoo layer and a cleavage option also on the tattoo layer, the only thing missing is hair bases, which maybe she will consider next time around, but it is still incredible value for money and I am going to run along to LAQ and see if her hair bases blend in okay with Audrey Skins, wish me luck.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Autumn and Winter

Autumn Look with Long Version Denim Skirt

The focal point of this post, is the used demin skirt I bought recently from M+M which comes in a long and short versions, and my cool free colour scripted scarf from Mr. Poet, definitely my best freebie of the season.

I am also introducing my biggest purchase of the season, Tuli had a 50% off sale on her skins, and I splashed out and bought the complete Audrey Fat pack with all those eye shadows and lipsticks interchangeable, the variations are huge, I have not even tested out every combo yet, although I did try it out with my Nellie Skin from LAQ and the lip tattoos work great even though Tuli does put a disclaimer on the notice when you buy them, that they wont work with other skins.

I teamed up my Autumn girl outfit with a old gift bag from Truth, but I am sure there is something similar in store right now and these great lizard textured boots from Casa Del Shai, which have these really cool buckle and zipper effect on the back, wish I had these boots in RL.

Winter Look with Short version Denim Skirt

For my Winter look, I used my scarf again which I turned to grey and a cute cable knit beret from Argrace which matches my cable knit sweater from Ce Cubic, ( note, it has a roll neck attachment normally, which I switched out so I could use my scarf).

My Face is a blend of Nellie and Audrey, Nellie 07 on the eyes and face, and Audrey No.7 on the lipstick tattoo layer, oh plus snowstorm lashes from Amacci.

For the last part of my outfit I went digging for some boots, and found these fluff boots which are part of a panther outfit called Savage from Feral Spirit, teamed up with a pair of Christmas gift socks from SMS from last year.

So there we have it, with a little colour changing and some mix and match, two new outfits, pretty much using the same clothes..

Autumn Style
Skin Tuli Audrey 03
Hair '0'Style Camille BlackCherry_M
Skirt **M+M** Denim Used Skirt Long
Scarf ::[Mr.Poet]:: Wide Scarf , FREE, Scripted Colour Change
Boots *Shai* Lizard Boots in red

Winter Style
Skin LAQ Nellie 07 & Audrey tone 3 Lipstick tattoo.. blended
Hair *Argrace* Knit beret * active bob* Scripted Colour Change hat
Lashes Amacci Prim Lashes Snowstorm white
Skirt **M+M** Denim Used Skirt short
Scarf ::[Mr.Poet]:: Wide Scarf , FREE, Scripted Colour Change
Boots Feral Spirit Savage Winter Boots- Fluff ( part of a complete panther set)

Thanks for reading
Stingy Suede.. LMAO

Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to start your Super Second Life!

We're so excited to make this first post!!! First of all, we'd like to thanks Suede Sixpence for this amazing chance, for this partnership and for trusting us. It means a lot to us! Thank you!

So, are you new to this Second Life? If you are, welcome! You'll love it and we're here to help you to make your dreams come true!

This is a small check list for you. Please note, our intention here is not save money building a new beautiful avatar, is just to guide you among things that are totally necessary to make you look perfect and feel good!

Heading our list, you'll need an AO. It'll make you walk nicely, stand making cool poses, sit and fly charming. We got ours at Akeyo, one of the best AOs all over Second Life in our opinion. You can either visit Akeyo store or at Sophistshapes store, there is an arm of the store too. So, if you go there to get your shape (or hunt it and get for free, as you will see they are participating of a hunt bellow), you can already try the AOs.

Now, focusing in our appearance, let's talk about skins. After a very long search, we decided to get our skins at Unique. Ayalla is wearing Jolie. There is a ton of good skins around SL. The prices vary widely. Please remember that SL is just like RL! It doesn't mean that the most expensive is always the best, but also please keep in mind that skins and shapes are a bit expensive, but totally worth and necessary for a great look. These skins from Unique, (usually come with the shape, so it's a good deal besides the wonderful quality) and the shape that Ayalla is using is from Sophistshapes -  SINITTA (and it is a gift of a hunt called The Diamond is Mine - DIMH). Ok, now we have the bases, we need some hair. Ayalla's choice is from Truth - Bonnie (chocolate color). 

Now that we do have all the bases, we need to get dressed! The variety of styles available in SL is just amazing! We can find a lot of detailed items for any kind of life you are up to this second life.

Ayalla's choice is some fancy jumpsuit from Zenith (Greece 2 - purple color). It includes the bracelet. Her shoes are from Armidi - Dalila Pump (color Bistre).

Alon is wearing:

Hair: David - Truth
Skin: Apolo 2G_A3 - Unique
Eyes: Natural Blue Eyes - Unique
Shape: Etienne - Sophistishapes (free in the Diamond is Mine Hunt)
Top: NEO purple - Zenith
Bottom: Pants HErringbone w.Band Beige - Redgrave
Shoes: El Ganso Sneaker - Black - Redgrave

We tried to guide you here, to have a nice start in SL. As we mentioned before, the propose of this post was not about savings, but about building a complete avatar. You do have the option to build it saving a lot of money or even for free. There are some groups inworld that can help you with that... but let's save this subject for a next post, right?

Once again, we're so much happy for being part of SuperElite's family. We hope to meet all the expectations and bring you more than information, but a little bit of our passion for fashion.

See you soon, in our next post!

Have a great week!!

Alon A. and Ayalla Alphaville

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ayame in Golden Walnut

Sumptuous Autumnal Tones

Ayame from Purple Moon is a lovely evening gown, a warm autumnal colour, that just says winter balls, fur jacket and hot mulled wine to drink.

The detail and texture on this gown are truly outstanding, every detail has been considered and added even down to the little pearl buttons on the cuffs of my long gloves to it's little bow to tie them closed.

We have a layered skirt which moves wonderfully, and a stunning flower at my hip.. to give an little kick to a very classical dress, the inset panel on the bodice is a slightly lighter shade which also gives depth and character to the dress and just along the hem is a delicate border.

As with all Purple Moon creations, it comes with lots of additions and options, but you will have to go over to the store to see for yourself.

I am wearing a new release hair from a smaller designer, this is my new thing, I am trying to wear things from different shops on the grid, to keep things interesting. This hair is very nice, static, but looks absolutely lovely with this dress and an excellent choice, for period outfits and studio work.

The hair is also scripted and has lovely little flowers along the French roll, it comes in several colours and there are a couple of variations on the theme, but I just loved the curls bunched up on the top.

Style Card
Purple Moon Ayame in Golden Walnut
Lacie #08 Peach LAQ
DQ Kelly3 Red Hair Studio One
)AI( Ami amel deli pencet vine earrings

Thursday, November 18, 2010

AlphaVille Team Joins SuperElite

Fashion by Double A: It is better when we make it together

I am very pleased to welcome to our team two new bloggers, Alon Alphaville and Ayalla Alphaville, these two enthusiastic bloggers I am sure will bring vitality and fun to our team and they have their own blog Fashion by double A in SL, as well as a Sl fashion syndicated feed, brand new and already scooping up the best bloggers on the circuit Fashion in pixels.

I asked them to tell you a little about themselves and their interest in Second Life Fashion Scene..

We're a couple fascinated by fashion in RL. We believe in fashion, we live fashion.. it really means a lot to us! Fashion is also what brought us to SL. Fashion in pixels is just fascinating. It's a mix of art and creativity. It's amazing how we can play with the colors and styles, as we can make our own fashion here! That's what we most love about fashion in SL: the facility to pass through the fashion what we are, how we would be, live dreams and feel powerful, just because we look like we think it's perfect. That's the power of this art called fashion.


Ayalla and Alon Alphaville - fashion stylists, fashion lovers, welcome to the SuperElite.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blossoms on the Beach

MEB Winter Collection 2010

I was lucky enough to have this wonderful evening gown called Blossom dropped into my inventory by MEB. The texture on this dress is just super and it flows beautifully when you move. the shoulder attachtment is very nicely done with a ornate brooch to hold it in place.

My Skin is the Elle gift skin from Belleza in Fair with blonde hairbase teamed up with Baiastice hairpiece Fedora, I am feeling very Grace Kelly right now. The whole ensembles screams classic moviestar style. Where is Cary Grant when you need him.

Photo information I used Dusty windlight setting and turned my graphics to medium so that the water would reflect nicely, poses are part of my AO, which I keep snapping like David Bailey until I had a few shots I liked.

Style Card
Skin Belleza Elle, current group gift Pale Hairbase
Hair Baiastice Fedora Attachment
Dress MEB Blossom
Eyes & Lashes Redgrave

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Designers Interview SophistiSHAPES


When people think of designers they normally think of people designing clothes, but of course here in SL your whole avatar is made from separate custom parts, and a shape can make or break your avatar. I managed to ask Sophia the owner of Sophistishapes a few questions, read on and find out all the secrets from one of Second Life's premier Shape Makers.

How long on average from concept to store do your designs take you ?

I began like all us girls here, finding fun in dressing my "Barbie" which evolved to changing shape to match my embarrassing collection of skins and hair that I eventually gathered. It seemed that a person's shape has a huge effect on the skin they are wearing. I believe you can have the best skin ever and it can be ruined by a badly made shape and vice versa, which is why I only style my shapes using the best designed skins and hair in SL.

I make the shapes once I have chosen the skin I want to use. Then the skin will look it's optimum, as it is specific to that skin. However, I do make sure that my shapes work well with all the other major skins so that people can use their own skin if they want to. I also think it's vital that people can modify their own shape if they choose to. You never know, those boobs might need to be a teeeeeny bit bigger?! I don't do custom shapes any more, but I can always tweak someone's shape if requested :)

I know you are teamed up with skin designers, can you tell us a little more about it.

I do work closely with a few well established skin designers like Belleza and DrLife and happy to say there are some new and upcoming ones that are just great like Al Vulo and Birth skins.

Do you draw inspiration from people you see in magazines and on the television, or do you make them up entirely?

I sometimes use magazines for facial shape ideas and in fact, the ones I have done that for, are the ones that have sold extremely well. Unusual, unique and realistic shapes are what I seek to create.

How long on average from concept to store do your designs take you ?

It generally takes me a week to create 2 styled shapes, one male and one female. That is from choosing the skin, making the shape, going on a hair hunt that looks JUST right with the rest, shooting the pics, carefully placing them in their boxes and sending out the notices

There are other projects like female clothing, the Sophia Collection range, I'm involved in so sometimes it's only one.

Of the other designers in second life who do you admire?

I just love to watch businesses in here grow, watching the evolution of their creations, their styles mature, I just hope I can evolve in the same way making the sometimes difficult shopping experience of putting together a sexy, realistic and unique avatar is made easier by the detailed styling card that comes with each shape to recreate the exact look on the poster. I also hope that Sophistishapes is becoming one of the main places where people can come to and know there is a shape and look that "feels" right and represents them in SL.

As a final note, I just wanted to mention that Sophia sent me a copy of her new shape Noami which just happens to be paired up with the Elle Skin from Belleza which is the current group gift, so as an experiment I did everything the style card said, with the exception of the eyes, I don't like to change them it weirds me out. I have to say the style was impeccable, I looked lovely, the face is gorgeous and the voluptuous body, I am sure this avatar will turn many a pixel eye in her direction.

Japan Fashion Week at Fashionista

SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 00

A Note from our CEO

Amber Quinzet COO of SuperELITE hosted the finale show of Japan Fashion Week and took that opportunity to let people know how the idea emerged but also to recognize those that made huge efforts. She said the following:-

SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 25

"When this idea was first put on the table at SuperELITE it took a lot to get it off the ground. We all agreed we loved Japanese Designs and that we were passionate about bringing the Japanese Designers to a more global audience. However, SuperELITE was not known in that market, so when Apollo Call confirmed that Sora Tatham and AGATA Models Agency would agree to support us and me being a huge fan of Sora and AGATA, I knew this was going to be special.

The amazing set build that all the shows were performed on during the week was the creation of Sora Tatham and Setsuna Infinity of AGATA and our very own Phillip Dollinger. I know everyone who attended a show, shopped on the sim or just came to look around thought the set was simply stunning. It will be very sad to see it go.

The staff at both SuperELITE and AGATA have been amazing. I would like to say a special thanks to Lorelei Maggs who has been my right hand through this entire event, Apollo Call and Serene Faith for being my translators and helpers between the two agencies and of course for Sora Tatham who has managed to understand my broken English enough to offer a huge amount of support. There are many more to thank but not least the models who participated this week and whose styling was second to none.

SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 56
SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 14

Additional thanks go to Tillie Ariantho and Alesia Schumann for the pictures they have taken. Ellendir Khandra, Allenclive Beaumont and Kawadai crisse for their fantastic DJ skills and last but by no means least our wonderful Hosts this week, marry Eel, Argnit Igaly, Angelik Slade, Aspasia Ashdene, Marcus Night, Maddox Kaestner, MystreLoverley Wrigglesworth and Sabine Mortenwold.

The biggest thanks of course goes to that very talented and creative designers. Sweetaholic, Gabriel, Shiki, Demise, Tomoto, La Dulce Vida, Connors, Honey and Scars. The outstanding detail, prim work, fashion and clothes understanding really is amazing.

SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 47

Many of these designers have never shown before and were relatively unknown. I would like to think we have been able to bring to you all an understanding of how fabulous they are.

This really has been the most amazing week and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to manage such a spectacular event. Without the TEAM this would never have been possible. You guys rock."

SuperElite Japan Fashion Week - Final Show 29

Amber Quinzet

Check out all 89 photographs of the event, at Tillie's Flickr stream, click the link.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gymnastics - Dr Life


I am wearing the gorgeous hair called Gymnastics from Dr Life. The actual hair comes with a colour change menu so you can alter the colour and therefore have the full fat pack at your disposal. The hair is so realistic that you need to see the hair for yourself and they do some wonderful long hair to.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Glam Affair, Eva Med/Tan *Makeup 10*
Hair - Dr Life, Healthy Hair Gymnastics *D Brown*
Hairbase - Miamai, Hairbase *Black*
Gown - Miamai, Skay *Red*  NEW
Shoes - Stiletto Moodt, Pump *Silver*
Earrings - AlaMood, Nightlife Diamonds *Platinum*
Nails - Candy Nail, Basic Prim Nails *Ornage 5*
Poses - Agapee and Glitterati

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Japan Fashion Week at Fashionista

Fashionista Sim is buzzing this week with the hugely successful Japan Fashion Week, and incredible sky box has been built to house the runways and have temporary shops for the designers partipicating in the show.

Just to remind you, who is involved.. I have listed them below

  • Shiki
  • Conners
  • Demise
  • Tomoto
  • Le Dulge Vida
  • Scars
  • Sweetaholic
  • Gabriel
  • Honey
GB has a cute gift of a fur scarf and matching gloves as a gift for only 1L
and Honey has a super cute, scripted colour change jacket shorts and tshirt ensemble for the special price of 300L for the show.

Listed here are the shows remaining until the end of the week.

Today I went to the Conners show, and saw quite a few famous bloggers I recognized, so it is definitely a be there or be square event, I took a couple of photos of the beautiful clothes.
All of the models are wearing Conners new Autumn Collection, check out the store for prices etc.

Japan Fashion week still has 2 days left to go, and the last day has a huge fashion show, don't miss it.

Click the link for the sim.