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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Miss and Mister SuperELITE 2011 are...

Tcham, na, na, naaaaaaam...

Miss SE 2011: Leandra Breen

Mister SE 2011: Marcus Night

Congratulations to the Winners and to all Contestants!!

We will have all the pictures to show you soon!!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Purple Moon, AlaFolie and Dr Life

Purple Moon, AlaFolie and Dr Life

I am wearing the stunning gown called Corina in Sapphire from Purple Moon. This dress was designed for the International Modelling Convention and is breathtaking. A ornate fan decoration leads down to a fantastic bodice with striking shoulder attachments.  The skirt is long and full and flows wonderfully.

I have also added exquisite jewelry from AlaFolie. The detail is amazing and the colour so rich and opulent. I have also added hair from Dr Life. The hair at this store is so realistic and when you buy you receive the whole colour palette!

Purple Moon, AlaFolie and Dr Life

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Unique Megastore, Meggan *Makeup 7*
Shape - Kalnins, Zaara Shape  NEW
Hair - Dr Life Healthy Hair, Monika *D Brown*
Gown - Purple Moon, Corina in Sapphire (For the International Modelling Convention) NEW
Jewelry - AlaFolie, Lilla NEW
Poses - Agapee

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Serene Asia #13

There are constantly new release and I just can't keep track on all of them but this new release from Rozoregalia, I simply have to blog:)

Rozoregalia released a new series called "Bouhachi" and the series includes gloves (including the flowers and the ring), fur necklace, and a pipe (all separate purchase). The pipe comes with 9 poses and the choice of smoke on or off. It's made of great quality, details, and the gloves and the fur goes well with anything! Please stop by the store and have some fun with it:)

The gown is from DNR (Nicky Ree) and is actually black but you can purchase separately the top and the chest prim in various colors so you can mix and match:) Here, I got the white top that I mixed with the original black gown.

Happy Shopping!

Dress: Nicky Ree
Hair: Vanity Hair
Fur & Gloves: Rozoregalia

Fab.Pony Interview with a Designer

Fab.Pony,... Giddi'up

The Designer behind the very cool clothes available at Fab.Pony is Tatianna Faulkes, I managed to catch up with her and ask her a few questions, Our Interview is below.

Please tell a little about yourself and how you got involved with second life's fashion industry?
- I've been reworking my own clothing and sketching since I was like 5. I then later acquired my degrees in Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing. I worked for many RL fashion firms immediately, then later created my RL women's fashion label however producing overseas was against my personal ethics, so I decided to venture in the graphics side of fashion, which naturally led me to Second Life Fashion. I have not stopped since February 2008 - it's the perfect fit for me and foresee it as my longterm career.
- Personality-wise... I can be silly, but also serious; it depends on the situation. I suppose that translates well to my creative and also business mind. I love to party, but I can pull off a 12-hour work day so I'm definitely pretty intense in that regard.. so yes Fab.Pony is bold and wild, but quite organized, lol

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
- Many RL fashion blogs, indie fashion magazines, checking out people on the streets of downtown Montreal (where I live) urban fashion stores, vintage shopping, etc. Many times I am inspired by a typical "Fab.Pony girl" and an 'occasion', so I think, "what would my customer wear to an informal cocktail party" and I use that as a starting point to lead me in the right direction.

There is some controversy regarding dollarbies and freebies, do you think it is benefiical or detrimental to the second life ecomony?
- I don't think it directly benefits or is detrimental to SL economy, however it's a good way for a designer to have a customer come back and shop the regular priced items in the store. I hear the more controversial topic is the weekly cheap day events, but I am neutral on that topic.

You have many beautiful clothes in your store, which is your personal favourite?
- The "Rebel Rebel" Jeans in Classic Blue. I wear them a lot, just because it's great for every day and I wish I owned these in RL :(

How long on average from concept to store do your designs take you and which medium are you using?
-Average 1-2 days, but longer if I am changing my mind on elements of the design. For example, I started a dress a week ago, but I keep changing the darkness of the black fabric since it has to be *just right*.
- I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, sometimes Illustrator CS3 and various 3D sculpt programs depending on my needs. For poses, I use QAvimator, very basic.

Which of your designs is the best seller and do you know why it is so popular?
- The "Diplo" Dress; it's popular perhaps because it's offered in 22 colors and striped mini-dresses are always fun, especially since this one shows the perfect amount of cleavage..

Of the other designers in second life who do you admire?
- The successful ones, especially those that have the time to release new items very often

The two photos of me, I am wearing the cool gift in store matched up with Fab.Pony's sequined shorts which I fell in love with immediately. I also purchased a couple of ballet tops in different colours, a nice staple in your wardrobe and they are expertly done.

Style Card
Hair Irena by Bouquoir
Skin Dekade Claire Fair/pale #06 ( big sale on at Dekade right now)
Dress Fab.Pony Instore gift
Shorts Fab.Pony Sequin shorts in Silver
Boots, BAX Prestige Boots in Silver


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Serene Asia #12

Fall has arrived in many places and we are now in search of warm, cozy outfits yet stylish and fabulous:) Well, COCO has it all for you:) COCO's 2010 fall collection is nothing but fabulous and great pieces that you can easily combine with other designers:)

The pilot jacket has an amazing texture and the warm turtle neck shirt and knit shorts will keep you warm on this chilly autumn season:)

In Rl, I hate cold and I know from experience that I will certainly will be cold just wearing shorts during fall season, so I added a very nice leggings from LeLutka's 2010 fall collection:)

Boots are from Pixel mode and has wonderful texture. It matches so many styles and is a wonderful addition to my boots collection:)

Hair is from Xplosion. The hat is multi colored and changeable with a click:)

Earrings from R.A. Crystal, a very talented Japanese jewelry designer.

Happy shopping!

Jacket, turtle neck shirt, shorts: COCO

Leggings: LeLutka

Boots: Pixel Mode

Earrings: R.A. Crystal

Hair: Xplosion

Thursday, October 21, 2010

* JFW - Show Information *

As promised yesterday, here is all the Show Information about...

* Japan Fashion Week *

Saturday, 30th October 2010 @ 4PM
Opening Ceremony - Sweetaholic (Asalt Eames)
Sunday, 31st October 2010 @ 6AM & 12PM
GABRIEL (Takuya Jinn) - 6AM
SHIKI (Shinichi Mathy) - 12PM
Monday, 1st November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM
t o m o t o (Tomo Watcher) & -DEMISE- (Nagaru Kawashima)
Tuesday, 2nd November 2010 @ 12PM & & 6PM
LA DULCE VIDA (LDV) (Romi Dagostino)
Wednesday, 3rd November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM
Connors (Salah Axel)
Thursday, 4th November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM
+HONEY+ (terian Demina)
Friday, 5th November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM
Scars (Sin Knoller)
Saturday, 6th November 2010 @ 4PM
Closing Ceremony - All Designers Featured


Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


SuperELITE Modeling Agency supported by Agata Model Agency are proud to present:
"Japan Fashion Week"

This week long event has been a collaborative effort between the teams at SuperELITE headed up by Amber Quinzet, COO and Agata Models Agency headed up by Sora Tatham, CEO.

The aim of this week of shows is to recognise the amazing talent and skill of the Japanese Designers in SL who often go unrecognised. SuperELITE were keen to bring the Japanese market to a European and USA audience and Sora Tatham of Agata kindly offered her support.

We have some of the best examples of Japanese Designers featured during this week. We will demonstrate a variety of styles from the more traditional, to the unusual to the modern and latest fashion trends.

In order to help ensure we reach the widest possible audience we have structured our show times accordingly (see future post - tomorrow - about Show Information).

We will send Notices and Landmarks nearer the time for each show.

We hope you will come and support SuperELITE and Agata and the wonderful Japanese Designs that will be on display.

Thank you very much!!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glitterati Gold

*~* Sepia Vintage Lace *~*

Sapphire Teebrook is the designer behind the brand Glitterati by Sapphire. She sent me two different dress one gorgeous evening gown with a sequined top and flowing satin skirt, with several skirt options and a lovely lace day dress, which can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I do have a thing for gold and so of the two designs I decided to model the gold versions, but they are offered in other colours, just head over to her store and see which colour will suit your mood.

This beautifully textured dress can be worn as a winter dress with a cowl neck with a belt that comes with the outfit, matched up with some great boots, or alternatively you can wear it with a sweetheart top and some shiny golden high heels for a nice disco look, you could always match it up with that Irena hair from Boudoir.

Style Card
Hair Analog Dog Ais Blonde
Skin Laqroki Nellie Peach #06
Dress Glitterati by Sapphire Sepia Vintage Lace
Necklace Klungers
Bag - Lelutka Goldenrod (group gift)

*~* Lia *~*

This set is available with 3 different skirt options - Low slim (mermaid) skirt with train, Full Ballroom skirt with train and Slim Straight Skirt. This evening gown is available is 5 colours - Rose, Gold, Garnet, Sapphire and Copper.

I really like the sequin effect on the bodice, the dress comes with a lovely sculpted stole, but I like bare shoulders and so I wore a necklace with it instead.

Landmark for Store
Glitterati by Sapphire

Glitterati Blog


Liz in Black - Purple Moon

Liz in Black - Purple Moon

I was amazed when I saw the new group gift from Purple Moon called Liz in Black as it is a stunner! A fantastic and stylish dress oozing sex appeal and designed to perfection. The texture is of sizzling snakeskin and the dress has a striking neck attachment. The skirt is gorgeous and the whole dress is devine and does not need too many accessories as it speaks volumes on it's own.

Liz in Black - Purple Moon

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Unique Megastore, Meggan *Makeup 7*
Hair - Kin, Cricket *Black*
Dress - Purple Moon, Liz in Black (Group Gift) NEW
Boots - Bax Boots, Prestige Boots *Black*
Earrings - Uzuri, Dayla Earrings *Monochrome*
Poses - Striking Poses

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sabrina from MEB

I was surprised to find this cute office outfit in my inventory inbox, I like MEB clothes, they often have a pattern on them which matches up nicely, no mean feat in SL, where even that super expensive item you bought doesn't always aline correctly driving you nuts, well it drives me nuts, but then I am kinda O.C.D.

This outfit is very generous it comes with the skirt, top, stockings and a sculpty cowl as well as a pair of shoes. I would have shown you the shoes, but I couldn't get the pose stand to become invisible, maybe a glitch in SL, or more likely me.

I have this cute scarf which I bought a while back and never had the chance to wear so I swapped out the cowl for it and dyed it light grey to match the skirt colour scheme and I added my new favourite bag from Kookie.

Style Card.
Skin LAQ Nellie Peach glow 08 ( new)
Hair Truth Imogen in Mocha
Bag Agness Ostrich bag in Purple
Scarf [Decoy] Lynn scarf in foral white ( dyed grey by me)
Clothing MEB Sabrina Set


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fabulous Boudoir

Boudoir has released a group gift to celebrate the 1st year of her store. It is the most incredible red gown, as with all Vitabella's clothing, it is delicate and complicated and full of texture and movement. I teamed it up with her crazy Irena hair which although is not probably your best choice for a shopping trip on the grid is the most wonderful high fashion prop.

I love Laqroki's newly released skin Nellie, and the 7th makeup is beautiful, dramatic and perfect match to this wonderful dress.

I am sure the photographs speak for themselves, just a word though, if you like this dress you better hurry as it is only available for a week, and I am not sure when it finishes.

Style Card
Skin LAQ Nellie 07 Peach
Hair Boudoir Irena Black
Eyes Redgrave Ashley Grey
Dress Boudoir, Group Gift Boudoir loves you ( available for one week only)

Serene Asia #11

This cute little outfit is from Gallery Fumiwo, another wonderful Japanese designer.
The store carries fantasy outfits from daily outfits to big gowns:)
Perfect for role playing and Halloween:)

If you like cute, a bit different outfits, this store is for you:)

The bag is from a very cute accessory shop called Creamshop:) Guess what, another Japanese designer:)
They have wonderful umbrellas, bags and jewelry!

Have fun shopping!

Dress: Gallery Fumiwo

Hair & Hat: Tsukinowaguma

Boot: Bax

Bag: Creamshop

Eliza - MEB


I am showing you one of the new releases from MEB from their wonderful New Collection. The outfit is a wonderfully textured jacket with prim attachments,gorgeous silk blouse, pants and matching shoes.  This is a very sophisticated outfit that can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for the evening. Please go to MEB's store to see more of the amazing releases.


Deeta Aeon

Skin - Lelutka, Ava Light *Makeup 4 L Brows and Hairbase* NEW
Hair - Lelutka, Feather Bun Attachment *Light Blonde*
Lipstick - Lelutka, Prowl
Outfit - MEB, Eliza   NEW
Bag - Baiastice, Ikna Bag *Black*
Scarf - Sey, Vushuddhi Short Texture Change
Earrings - Donna Flora, Madera
Poses - Agapee

Monday, October 4, 2010

Serene Asia #10

There is a wonderful Japanese furniture store on the grid called ++LP2 interior++.
They carry low prim, affordable, but wonderfully designed furnitures:)
They currently have a wonderful, wonderful group gift: Jet-Ski!
It’s of a great quality, easily maneuverable, and simple yet fun design, and it has a low prim count of 7!
This is absolutely a must have!!! Summer is almost over, but not quite yet so get over there, get the Jet-ski, and have some fun!

The bikini is from the wonderful Japanese store =DeLa*=. It has wonderful texture and sexy design:)
=DeLa*= carries everything from clothing to jewelry to modeling poses.
A store that must be visited!

Jet-ski: ++LP2 interior+

Bikini & Jewelry: +DeLa*=

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gator - Purple Moon

Gator - Purple Moon

I simply adore the new release from Purple Moon called Gator. A gown that was designed to be noticed and it certainly has drama. The exquisite gown has two different skirts so you can choose the length and it had the most wonderful silver thread running down the sides. The neck adornment is so beautiful and dramtic and creates the most amazing collar. Absolutely Stunning!

I am also showing you poses from Corpus designed by Diconay Boa. I love these poses as they are specifically designed for high fashion and give that extra edge whether it be for runway or photographic work.

Gator - Purple Moon

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Laqroki, Nellie Peach *Makeup 8*
Hairbase - Miamai, Hairbase *Black*
Hair - Miamai, Donna Bun Platinum *Black*
Gown - Purple Moon, Gator *Black*  NEW
Earrings - CCD, Haidyn
Bracelet - CCD, Amalia
Nails - CCD, Long Nails and Ring Sky *Silver*
Shoes - Stiletto Moody, Bare Ginger *Silver*
Poses - Corpus