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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Van Gogh and Monet Autumn colours

As you may know Thera Taurog designs the most incredible dresses based on the colours and patterns of old Masters, the two dresses Jade and I are modelling are Claude Monet's Poppy Field and Il Giardino - Red Dots based on the painting by Vincent Van Gogh. When you buy the clothes you also get a copy of the painting the ensemble is based on, a little touch which I think is super, espically for taking photographs.

I particularly like both these dresses, mainly because of the colour scheme, beautiful Autumn tones and yet the dresses light and airy,the tops are very delicate and there are attachments around the neckline and on your arms, to give depth and texture to these two beautiful creations, and they look super when you move, they flow beautifully.

Fashionista has a satellite store which has a good selection of the line as well as a link to her huge mainstore, and of course shopping at Fashionista is pretty lag free, always a good thing, now onto the skins, my friend Jade I are both wearing Laqroki skins, and the auburn hair base and ponytail combination, style card is listed before, even though we are both decked out in Laqroki we still hold our distinctive looks, a factor I always like with Laqroki is that you wear the skin, the skin does not wear you.

Jade Style Card
Skin Claudia Peach Glow #08
Hair, Red Hairbase and eyebrows + Ponytail #09
Suede Style Card
Skin, Nellie Peach Glow #09
Hair Red Hairbase and eyebrows + Ponytail #09
Earrings, Easter gift from Adiva ( not available sorry)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flirt from Nonna Hedges

flirt–verb (used without object)
to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love; coquet.

Nonna Hedges has this wonderful store, full of elegant clothes, mostly evening wear and some absolutely exquisite period gowns, she also sells Jewels, I am very fond of the Art Deco period and so if I see something in this style I have to have it, hence the 1000L I spent on the Slipper set which comes with the earrings and the necklace.

The Lingerie is also quite steep, but the intricate lacework on the bodice is lovely and the skirt is textured as well, it also comes with matching knickers but I preferred to wear it with the skirt, I thought it just completed the look.

I am wearing Laqroki's new Nellie skin, which I am super happy with I bought it in Peach, and I found that Peachblossom in Windlight, gives me a look I like for photos. Still wearing my auburn look from Laqroki as well.

Style Card
Lingerie Nonna Hedges Firt
Skin LAQ Nellie No.4 in peach
Hair LAQ HB #09
Jewerly Nonna Hedges

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nyla Cheeky and the Peacock

Peacock Haiku
Long feathery fans
So beautiful when spread out
Like eyes, all staring.
Yuki star Uzumaki

It suddenly occurred to me that, many of the designers I used to frequent when I first joined SL don't seem to in the fashion news much anymore, so I spent an afternoon exploring my old landmarks, some shops of course have closed, some have moved and some are still in business.

I really think that the older established stores are still viable and producing some very nice fashion items and even some of the older stock, still looks fabby.

So here is my offering from House of Nyla, her peacock bra and knickers with the matching mask.

I actually found I have a bit of a peacock fetish, as I have quite a lot of peacock items in my inventory.
Style Card
Bra & Knickers House of Nyla
Mask House of Nyla
Skin LAQ Claudia #08 Peach
Hair LAQ RED Hair base and eyebrows
Ponytail LAQ HB #09
Earrings Talisman Hera Peacock feather

Next post, Beautiful lingerie from Nonna Hedges.. stay tuned

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Leopard League

Shampooo is offering the most lovely chiffon leopard print blouse with flexi shoulder cuffs and a gorgeous sculpty neck line and a flowing hemline. I paired it with the Sinead dress from League and finished up with matching leopard print boots from DeLa.

I particularly like the texture of the Sinead dress against the soft chiffon effect of the blouse, I actually found this top goes nicely with quite a few items in my closet and it is a very high quality freebie, definitely worth buying their regularly priced items when the finish is this good.

Style Card
Hair LAQ Redhair base and eyebrows
LAQ HB ponytail #09
Skin LAQ Claudia Peach 01
Dress Leaque Sinhead in Brown
Blouse Shampooo Furyl Leopard
Boots =DeLa*= Sinaed in Brown
Earrings C.S. Boho Earrrings

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ephemere Longue - AlaFolie

Ephemere Longue - AlaFolie

A wonderful release from AlaFolie is Ephemere Longue. This amazing dress comes complete with gorgeous matching shoes and many different skirt and bodice options. The dress can have full sleeves or a more daring open keyhole design bodice. The attention to detail is superb as always from AlaFolie and has the gorgeous floaty feminine feel to the outfit.

Ephemere Longue - AlaFolie

Deeta Aeon

Skin - League, Taylor Blonde Medium *Angel*
Hair - Ploom, Dusty Beehive *Blonde*
Dress - AlaFolie, Ephemee Longue
Earrings and Bracelet - Ganked, Jealousy *Violet*
Nails - Candy Nail, Basic Prim Nails *Purple 03*
Poses - Agapee and Miamai

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trapeze from R E A L E


I was looking through the LOOKBOOK on the Second Life Website and I saw the most lovely dress and decided to go to REALE to check it out, while I was there I saw 6 girls buy it. So I decided as lovely as it was, it was gonna be all over the feeds pretty soon and so I browsed a bit more and decided upon this cute baby doll style dress in soft grey chiffon with sequins and a cute collar instead.

I really wanted to show you how great the flexi effect was so instead of just standing there, I turned on my Buttweizer animation from TIS and and randomly took snapshots until I had the look I wanted.

I didn't want to distract from the dress too much and so I teamed it up with my Auburn hair base and ponytail and accessorized only with a pair of earring and an armband from Zaara.

Style Card
Dress Trapeze R E A L E
Skin Laci Peach 04 LAQ
Shoes Melody Negro B+G Womens Shoes
Jewerly Nizam Jhumka ZC
Nizam Armband ZC


Thursday, September 16, 2010

SuperElite Elite Class Graduation Fashion Show

SuperElite Elite Class Graduation Fashion Show
Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison

When: Saturday, September 18th at 3P SLT


Our Elite Class Graduates:
  • Angel Keen
  • Babe Lannock
  • Heydon Milter
  • Landa Crystal
  • MagicMirror Fayray
  • SC Tracy
  • Soulful Dreamscape
  • Suga Leakey

Miss Virtual World 2009, Mimmi Boa
SuperElite Academy Manager, Lorelei Maggs
SuperElite Academy Assistant Manager, Maddox Kaestner

Come see SuperElite's latest Elite Class Graduates show their skill as they present fashion created by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau.

Note to Guests:We would like to ask for you help in making the show as lag free as possible for everyone, but especially, our graduating models.

Please *Remove* your AOs, any game, combat or other HUDs. Turning them off doesn't turn off the scripts, only removal will prevent lag.

Please make sure you have *removed/deleted* the resize scripts from any jewelry, hair, clothing and shoes. Every prim in each of those items must have a script in it in order to resize your item. If your hair is 150 prims, then you have 150 scripts running, plus the scripts in any other items you are wearing.

Before coming to the show, please check your ARC or Avatar Rendering Cost
In the Advanced Menu, under
Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost
This will cause little numbers to display above yours and everyone else's heads. It is an indication of how much graphics processing power it takes to "draw" your avatar.
PLEASE keep your ARC under 1500, preferably under 1000.

Not only will it make lag easier on our models, but on yourself as well.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in making this show as lag free as possible!

Lorelei Maggs

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laqroki Red Hairbase and eyebrows

I received a notecard from LAQ a while back, stating that new hairbases were available in 4 shades, and today I managed to find time to check them out.

I have been considering changing my look, and I really like the Auburn look, firy redhead suits me down to the ground. I tried on the demos and felt immediately in love with the Red hairbase, it has 3 options, hairbase and eyebrows together, just the hairbase or just the eyebrows, there is a notice there, warning you that the hairbase package is only compatible with LAQ skins. I decided to experiment a little and show you what I came up with. I purchased the Red hairbase and eyebrows in Peach as that is the shade of my Laci skin, which I hardly ever take off.

Hairbase and Eyebrows
LAQ Laci Peach 08

Tuli, Gina 03Lelutka ( ORTA) Lola Dark Brows

I found that there are shadows on the forehead when using the hairbase and eyebrow set which blend in completely with LAQ skins, however if the tone of another skin is not exactly the same, it really shows. So I thought I would see how the other skins I have look with just the hairbase, I did try a few other skins, but these two from Belleza are the closest tonal match, and personally I think they look super. For me the purchase of this hairbase has completely paid for it's self by giving my skins a new lease of life and I can keep the hairbase and eyebrows on when trying on demo skins to see if they will match.

Hairbase Only
Belleza Alyson Medium - Old Gift Skin

Belleza Peace on Earth Gift Skin

Style Card Extra's
LAQ Red Hairbase and eyebrows Peach tone
LAQ Hair HB Style #09
Top, Pixeldolls Kayla Gold Jacket

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Serene Asia #9

I have a new favorite store: =DeLa*=

The designer of this store is Japanese and her outfits are not only wonderfully fashionable, but the texture is first class. The details are amazing and it looks very realistic. =DeLa*= offers everything from casual to gowns, bikinis to accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and bags:) You can mix & match everything, and it still looks great!

You won’t regret the stop at the store!

The coat, shirt, and skirt is from Dela that I coordinated together.
The umbrella is also from a Japanese designer, from a store called Creamshop.
As any other Japanese designers, the quality is amazing, it comes with few poses and the transparency is unbelievably realistic:)

As you can see, the texture is amazingly detailed from far distance and of course, you can mix & match with other designer items:)

Happy Shopping!

Asian Designers:

Outfits: =DeLa*=

Hair (Pic 1): Bliss Couture

Hair (Pic 2): Tsukinowaguma

Earrings (Pic 1): Crystal Line

Jewelry (Pic 2): R.A. Crystal

Skin: ::hsh::

Umbrella: Creamshop

Non-Asian Designers:

Boots: Bax Coen Designs

Shoes (Pic 2): Le Lutka

Asian Umbrella: Baiastice

Bag: Pacadi Jasha
(No longer available)

MCD Jewelry

I was lucky enough to be given these lovely jewelry sets to preview, the pieces are delicate and perfect accompaniment to a glamorous evening gown.

All the sets come with a pair of earrings to match.

Diamond Angel

Black Pearl

Gemmed Dragonfly

Hibiscus & Pearls

Suede Sixpence

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gothicats for Men

Occasion by Gothicats

So when I saw this on Bitter I just had to blog it, the quality of the design is outstanding and it is so flattering and looks like an outfit, that cute guy at the bar would wear.. you know the one across the bar, raises his glass to you and winks, and you turn away blushing trying to pretend you were'nt really staring at him.

Style Card
Skin: Belleza - Mathieu tan 10 (hair) (chest hair)
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Jair - Brown Mocha Splash Warm
Shape: Sophistishapes - ETIENNE body shape, modified heavily
Tattoo: [ addiXion - Half Tribal ] - MEDIUM TAN - TATTOO
Shoes: Oslo by Jeepers Creepers
Outfit: Occasion by GothiCatz

The combination of this lovely silk shirt with a small circular pattern combined with the pinstriped trousers, is really cool and sophisticated looking and in true Bitter fashion he teamed the black ensemble up with some dark red shoes on his feet, I suppose to check your paying attention.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sue - Purple Moon

Sue - Purple Moon

A beautiful and elegant gown is the delightful release called Sue from Purple Moon. The gown comes complete with a gorgeous headpiece and inticate flower detail down the bodice and skirt. I am wearing it in Silver and there are many other wonderful colours to choose from.

It is a dreamy gown made to be worn when you want to make that dramatic entrance and be noticed for all the right reasons.

Sue - Purple Moon

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Baiastice, Pulchra Sunkissed *Makeup 17 BL and Hair*
Hair - Fri. Jules *Delighted Blonde*
Gown - Purple Moon, Sue *Silver*
Necklace and Earrings - Alienbear, Calnthe *White*
Shoes - Stiletto Moody, Pump *Silver*
Nails - CCD, Long Nails and Ring Magnifique *Silver*
Poses - Srtriking Poses

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fashionista Stores and Shopping

Things are always changing in Second Life and over the summer the Fashionista Sim, has said a sad goodbye to some designers and welcomed new ones.

Below are listed our current stores as of September 1st.

  • Lady Thera
  • Glance Skins
  • Miscellany
  • Magnolia Designs
  • Terra d'Ombra
  • Purple Moon
  • Dr.Life
  • Anuda
  • MEB
  • Cynfel
  • a la Folie
  • GCD
  • Orage
and best of all you can shop in a lag free environment.