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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Serene Asia #6

Hello everyone! The week has gone by so fast and it is already Thursday!

Today, I would like to introduce Lakyala's new release! It is so cute!!!
This time, the cute, wonderful owner, Kilala, released a romper, a top and shorts ensemble with big pockets on the side. It's a very simple style with simple design, and it is adorable and wonderfully comfortable. It's so cute that it was a pure enjoyment styling it!

I kept it very simple as you can see but I just love it! It is offered in 3 colors, black, blue (pic) and pink. They are all equally wonderful!

Please stop by the store when you get a chance:) You will for sure find at least one thing you'll like!!

Happy Shopping!

Outfit: Lakyala

Shoes: 24 shoo shoes

Necklace: Urbanity

Bracelet: R.A. Crystal

Hair: W&Y

Bag: Pacadi Jasha (no longer available)

Fashion Photography

Here in California, log in is disabled.. growls, so I am not able to show you the blog pieces I intended because I cannot do the style card.. but, I do have something to share with you.

When you are showing fashion, it is always great to use a studio but sometimes, just as in rl, you can use a location to help you with atmosphere. I have an interview with Moxie Palano from Haute Couture coming up in a few days and as I already have a few of her clothes already, I took some vintage shots at the Utopia 4 build wearing the pieces I already own, they are very old, and when I was in Moxie's store I didn't see this exact dress any more, but many are very similar.

The two shots above were taken, using the windlight settings on Emerald, basically you can just scroll through the settings until you find a light setting which reflects the mood you are trying to set. I really liked the gas lamps in the background and wanted to focus on them, so this particular setting worked very well for my concept. The other thing you can do to polish your fashion shoot is to reduce or increase your draw distance, I often found a wonderful setting, with some ugly thing in the background, by reducing your draw you can eliminate background objects which you don't like.

So those are my little tips for the day, experiment it's fun.

Style Card ( just from memory today)
Skin.. Letluka
Hair Emma Analog Dog
Dress Haute Couture
Hat Sky Qi
Location Utopia 4

Monday, July 26, 2010

Serene Asia #5

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
For the longest time, I wanted to introduce to you a store called BC322, but I've been so busy with RL that blogging has been neglected:(

BC322 is another wonderful Japanese designer, punk/goth genre and offers clothings, shoes, accessories, and hair. I was pleasantly surprised of the quality and purchased hair, skirt, and gloves/bracelets. The hair comes with a spider web on your head, but an option not to have it (as shown on the pic). The skirt size can be adjusted and the belt comes in either round or square buckle. The bracelets are size adjustable as well, and the quality is amazing for the price. Hair was $150, skirt $150, and bracelets and gloves (comes together) at $80. Very affordable, and worth stopping by the store:) (Top is from Gabriel and boots from Bax)

The wonderful tattoo is from Demise. I have previously presented another wonderful tattoo from this store, but this one called Magnolia, is a group gift! So run to the store!!!

Happy Shopping!

Hair, skirt, bracelet/gloves: BC322

Tattoo: Demise

Boots: Bax

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Judith - Gustav Klimt - Lady Thera

Judith - Gustav Klimt - Lady Thera

I am showing you one of the wonderful designs from Lady Thera called Judith - Gustav Klimt. This outfit comes complete with the necklace, arm cuff on right and bracelet on the left wrist. The design is so wonderful and it has the most sheer and light skirt. The texture is intricate with the most beauiful golden thread woven within it and the bodice is also sheer giving that extra sex appeal and glamour!

Judith - Gustav Klimt - Lady Thera

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Laqroki, Elena Nougat *09 Hairbase*
Hair - Vanity Hair, Samsara *Black*
Dress - Lady Thera, Judith - Gustav Klimt
Bracelet R - Zaara, Ramya Wood Bracelet *Gold*
Earrings - Zaara, Hiral Wood Earrings *Gold*
Nails - Candy Nail, Basic Prim Nails *Brown 10*
Shoes - Stiletto Moody, Bare Greta *Gold*
Poses - Glitterati

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Positano - MEB

Positano - MEB

I am showing you one of the new releases from MEB's gorgeous new Summer Collection and it is called Positano. The outfit comes complete with the zebra bangle and fab zebra print shoes for that wonderful co-ordinated look. The design is fresh and airy and perfect for that summers day when you want to keep cool. There are other fabulous releases in their new store so please check them out.

Positano - MEB

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Elle Dark, Medium *15 HB*
Hair - Lamb, Bang Bang Bob *Ink*
Outfit - MEB, Positano (One of the new releases in the summer collection) NEW
Belt - Fri. Widewaist belt *Charcoal*
Hat - Lelutka, Audrey Hat *Ghost White*
Earrings - YS&YS, Feel Free *Ice*
Bag - YS&YS, Summer Big Bag (Current Group Gift)
Sunglasses - Variocana, Alfa Zebra Grey
Nails - CCD, Long Nails and Ring Magnifique *Silver*
Poses - Glitterati

Friday, July 23, 2010

Serene Asia #4

Happy Friday everyone! The long awaited weekend is finally here!

With a very busy RL, I have not been able to log in to SL as often as I used to, and not able to blog either:( But by August, I should be able to get back to my frequent blogging again!

Today, I'd like to introduce to you a very cute Japanese store called .:*WAvE*:. This store was introduced to me by one of the lovely ladies from SE (thank you for the wonderful tip Suede!) and I'm very excited to be able to blog about this lovely store. Everything in this store is cute, unique, and not to mention INEXPENSIVE! It's almost like... maybe she mislabeled them? but no, it is simply that cheap! But don't be fooled, just because it's inexpensive, it does not mean the quality is bad. On the contrary, it is of great quality and the store is a treasure box! She also offers FREE clothings! The store is also fun to look around so please stop by .:*WAvE*:. when you have a chance.

The first outfit is a separate, a kimono top and low rise black jeans. Kimono top is only $L100 and the jeans $L59. The details of the textures and the quality of the prims are amazing for the price! And I haven't edited or adjusted the top at all, what you see is what you get:) The hair is from Cri-Cri, another talented Japanese designer. The hair is amazingly glossy, size adjustable, and the flower comes in various colors. Truly elegant and chic. Earrings from Mandala. Shoes are not from a Japanese designer, but from N-Core who offers wonderful heels!

My second outfit is a cool motor cycle jacket and sexy shorts, also from .:*WAvE*:. Whan I saw the thexture and back design of this jacket, I immediately thought, SCORE! The back design is of wonderful Asian details, with mount Fuji and a lion, and you know the designer put lot of time, energy and love into this piece. Simply gorgeous:) And would you believe me if I said this jacket is only $L39?!?!?! I mean, nothing can beat this price for this quality!

The shorts are also amazing and it comes in beige or black lace, has a wonderful denim texture, and is only $L59!

This will for sure be one of your favorite stores!
Accessories are non-Japanese: hair from Orange Creations ($L1), boots from Diram, sunglasses from Dela.

Happy Shopping!

Outfits: .:*WAvE*:.

Hair: Cri-Cri

Sunglasses: Dela

Earrings: Mandala

Boots: Diram

Skin: hsh

World Cup Fashion Show

The SuperELITE wants to give a big THANK YOU to all the talented SL Designers who represented their chosen countries in the "World Cup Fashion Show"!!! They were: EA Sports, Orage Creations, Angel Dessous, Anubis Style, G Sloane Couture, Lady Thera, Marianela, NAIVE, Gwen Carillon Designs, Flamenco Passion and SySy Chapman!!!
A very special thank you to Marianela and Lady Thera who did a special Design in tribute to their countries (Argentina and Brazil) for the Fashion Show!!!
And of course, we can't forget to give a big THANK YOU to all the Models who made the Fashion Show: Liam Netizen, Leandra Breen, Naiya Kazyanenko, Lorelei Maggs, Anabella Ravinelli, Genevieve Kamala, Cecilia Verrazano, Manu Regianne, Elyna Carver, Silky Trilling, Katherine Comet, GeorgieBoy Juliesse and Locked Semaphore!!!
And, it's important to mention too and THANK YOU to: Coolistinthaworld Skytower (DJ), Tillie Ariantho (Photography) and our sweet Amber Quinzet (Host and General Manager of SuperELITE)!!!
Vanessinha Vectoscope.