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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010


13 Cortes
Amazon Silverweb
Anabella Ravinelli
AnnaG Pfeffer
Ananya Mai
Blackliquid Tokyoska
Federica Galtier
Genevieve Kamala
Jeab Kungler
Marika Blaisdale
Marijana Aries
Mariella Spitteler
Madeleine Dollinger
Suga Leakey
Sazzy Oh
Starlett Nightfire
Temperance Moonites
Veronica Krasner
Violrt Batriani
Yuuki Breen

Congratulations to the Ladies!!!
Next Step: Public Audition - 3rd July at 3PM!!!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am pleased to announce today that Amber Quinzet will now be heading the modeling side of the agency. In the short time I’ve worked with her, I’ve found Amber to be one of the smartest, most organized and accomplished people I’ve met in SL. Our future with Amber is going to be truly remarkable.

Amber will be succeeding the wonderful, Rena Mascot. Sadly, Rena informed me last week that she needed to step down as General Manager of SuperElite Modeling, due to real life issues. Rena will remain with us as model and Chief Choreographer. Rena has been nothing but an inspiration for this agency and we are grateful to her for her leadership in our past shows and many of our successes going forward.

I invite all of you to take a moment and thank Rena for her hard work, and to congratulate Amber, and let her know what particular skills and passions you want to bring to the agency.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Serene Asia #1

Hello! I'm Serene Faith, and this is my very first blog entry with SuperELITE:) I would like to thank Yas & Suede for giving me this wonderful opportunity to blog about Asian designers in SL on SuperELITE blog! Thank you so much!!!

As my first blog entry, I would like to introduce to you two lovely outfits from "+Lo*Momo+" combined with accessories, all from Japanese designers:)

The first outfit is a casual mini dress called "Fluffy":) It is a cutesummer dress with floral texture and lace frills:) In Japanese, we call this "Kawaii (cute)":) With bare shoulders, it shows off that gorgeous skin of yours and the dress is accessorized with a cute brown leather belt (included). The quality is wonderful and the dress is very affordable at $L180:) Jewelry worn is from R.A. Crystal, a very lovely gold & red marble necklace and earrings called Ellena. Hair is from Mikan, called "Tanya" and comes in 2 styles, with or without bangs:) And of course, every girl needs a bag for her things:) This cute straw bag is from Septem Essentia store and it comes in 2, as a hand bag or a shoulder bag, so you can choose depending on your outfit:) And since I wanted to go shopping, I didn't want to wear heels and get tired, so I chose to wear boots with the dress. The boots are from *chronokit* store, and the quality and texture is amazing! *chronokit* store is originally a watch store but also carries wonderful furnitures as well:)

The second outfit is called Katharina from Sweet Princess Collection. It is a lovely gown in
Royal Blue (comes in 4 different colors: floral, green, pink, and black/red). You can receive the green Katharina as a group gift (free to join group), so rush over to the store!:) The gown comes with accessories: crown, choker with pearls and roses, and cuffs. It is a gorgeous gown with detailed lace hem that is simply amazing!

In recent years, nail art has become very popular and Candy Nail offers detailed, "kawaii" prim nails. I'm wearing glove nails and the store carry several colors:) Be prepared to spend some Lindens when you visit the store!:)

In both pictures, I'm wearing a new skin line from hsh called Angel. The store offers gorgeous eyes, but the owner decided to challenge skin and it came out simply stunning!

Everything worn (except for the hair in pic 2 which is from Sky Everett) are from Japanese designers. The quality is amazing and it is affordable! You will love them!

Happy Shopping everyone!

Outfits: "+Lo*Momo+"

Jewelry: R.A. Crystal

Hair (pic 1): Mikan

Shoes: chronokit

Bag: Septem Essentia

Skin: hsh

Nails: Candy Nail

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saint Denis - MEB

Saint Denis - MEB

Today Deeta is wearing the very stylish and sophisticated Saint Denis by MEB.  This dress also comes complete with fantastic matching shoes and a belt.  The dress is perfect on its own or with a jacket over the top - the choice is yours. She has added a bag from Baiastice and sunglasses from Dela.  An outfit perfect for many occassions, even perfect for doing some more shopping on the wonderful SuperElite fashionista sim!

Saint Denis - MEB

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Lelutka, Lola Suntan *Makeup 6 L Brows HB*
Hair - Lelutka, Eclat Hair 01 *Blond* (Tinted to match)
Dress - MEB, Saint Dennis (Includes dress, shoes and belt (not worn)
Jacket - R.icielli, Gabriela Military Jacket *Azure*
Earrings - Uzuri, Quest Earrings FREE
Sunglasses - Dela, RG1 *Brown*
Bag - Baiastice, Borsa 2G
Scarf - Malt, Twilly Neck Tie *Cocoa Brown*
Poses - Striking Poses

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 SK 10-E
Hair - MADesigns, Jason *SB III*
Jacket - MeteoRain, Military Coat *Black*
Trousers - Valiant, Cross Stitch Belted Jeans
Boots - SF Design, Mens Crocodile Black Boots
Poses - LAP

Friday, June 25, 2010

Peek 360

Peek 360 is a cool program I found several months ago, which allows a 360 view of a sim. I tp'ed over to Fashionista and stood in the middle and sent the co-ordinates to the website and here is the result.

The website address is try it out for yourself it is fun to see your home or a very cool sim you like.
Suede Sixpence
Congratulations to our "Model Of The Week": Isabel Brocco!!!

There we have a little Interview to know her better!

Name: Isabel Brocco

Rez Day: 5/31/2005

Nickname/Name you like to be called: Isa

SuperElite Modeling/Staff Title: Model, Instructor

SuperElite Shows you've been in: Far to many to name...

Interests/Activities: When in SL hanging with friends, modeling and shopping, of course!

Your major influence(s) in Modeling: The designers! Such amazing talent and without them... There would be no models!

Your major influence(s) in Life: My family!

Best SL Experience(s): Doing the Miss Virtual World contest. We had so much much! I'd go back and it all again, I've never been in a contest I enjoyed as much.

Worst or Funniest SL Experience(s): I've been here since 2005, so there was a lot hahaha there some that stand out but might be to racey to say... Somentimes fun to wear the male *parts* hahaha... And no, not for that! Lol

Favorite SL Hangout(s): Used to do some clubs, but with the lag not much fun. Now it's shopping and hanging with friends... OMG my Av got old!

Favorite SL Sim(s) and why? Rezzable... Home of Greenies. Well done and fun, Costa Rica... So beautiful, as is The Lost Gardens of Apollo ** N, Apollo, INSPIRE SPACE Park, Shinda... Nice place for a date!

Favorite SL Designer(s) and why? HA tricky... I have some yes, and they know who they are :)

Thank you to Isabel Brocco for this time spended answering our questions... And we will back next Friday with one more SuperElite "Model Of The Week"!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gwen Carillon Creates

The Fashionista Tower

The Builder of the Fashionista Sim, is an avatar called Gwen Carillon, a multi talented lady who not only built our beautiful sim but also dabbles her hand in jewelry and clothes and something which took my breath away sculptures.. with movement and colour, but more about that later.

I talked to Gwen and asked her about her foray into SecondLife, here are her answers:-

How did you discover Second Life and how long did it take you to discover you had a talent for building?

I didn't really *discover* Second Life. I got dragged in by a long time friend. She started pushing me to try Second Life in 2004. It took me two years to give in. I don't know that we ever see our own talents that way. I just love making things. I design and sculpt in the physical world. I'm a formally trained jeweler.
How did you come up with the concept for the Fashionista Sim?
The concept for Fashionista was built on a collaborative foundation. Yasmine Kidd came to me with her vision of how she saw Fashionista's elements. Aisling Sinclair and I got our heads together and created the layout. Aisling is my building teammate. She assists in most aspects of my work. I wanted to design the sim as a celebration of the female form. From an areal view you can see the paths forming a woman. I hoped to make Fashionista a refection of the best that Fashion can be. Fashion as art and a statement of beauty. Super Elite is unlike any other modeling agency, so the sim needed to exemplify that.
Are you interested in Architectural Design in RL and do you have any kind of formal training in this field?
I have no formal training as an architect. I love form and have always loved the marriage of form, color and texture. I know that there are so many more aspects and variables to consider in *real life* architecture, than what I do. I just follow that golden rule of form follows function and then have fun.

How long did it take to you complete the Fashionista Project?
It's done? LOL It's a complex project so, so we've been at it for months.
Do you find that your builds are similar, with your unique touch to them or is every build dramatically different.
Some of my builds are similar, but I tend to design based on the personality of the project. I guess I have my signature elements. lol We all do.
I see you also have a shop called Dreamscapes Gallery and also a jewelry store how do you find time to do it all ?
Oh that's easy. I just subtract the time I would normally spend sleeping. *grins* I am also starting a new clothing line. The "Tease" cocktail dress is my latest release.

I walked around Gwen's own sim which is called Elements in Design and saw the dress she is talking about it. I liked it a lot with a nice bow on the bottie . I will wear it in the next post in which I will continue this interview with Gwen as I wanted to really ask her about her sculptures which I will be showing you in the latter portion of this interview which i think will be up in a couple of days.. so be sure to check back.. the sculptures are really worth seeing.
** In case your wondering how I got the sim photos, I used the long draw on Emerald and pulled way way way back**

Suede Sixpence

The SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010

Pre-Finalists for 1st Audition - Summer Season
Amazon Silverweb
Amyjade Wirefly
Ananya Mai
Anabella Ravinelli
AnnaG Pfeffer
Arialee Miles
BlackLiquid Tokyoska
Chickie Ashbourne
Darianna Alonzo
Desiree Brentley
Elyna Carver
Estela Serenity
Federica Galtier
Jeab Kungler
Madeleine Dollinger
MagicMirror Fayray
Mariella Spitteler
Marijana Aries
Marika Blaisdale
QueenBrat Bracken
Ranini Farella
Sarahelisebeth Brenham
Sazzy Oh
Starlett Nightfire
Suga Leakey
Temperance Moonites
Tonya Coppola
Veronica Krasner
Violrt Batriani
Xenobia Foxclaw
Yuuki Breen
13 Cortes


Next Audition: 27th June 2010 - Times: 12PM or 3PM SLT
For more information contact: Phillip Dollinger or Angelik Slade!!!
Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Style of the Night

Roleplay is a favorite past time of many Second Lifers out there. It's just one more fantasy we can spin in our virtual world and much of the fashion in SL reflects this. In a world where we can be anything, I decided to create a look inspired by one of my favorite mythical legends, vampires! It's always fun to take a walk down the dark side now and then, so I spent the week immersing myself in the darkness. I've now returned from my journey with a set of tasty bite marks and some lengthened canines.

I began with my skin, lightening it up, while darkening my eyes and lips. Next, came the hair, which I lengthened, kept black and added a more modern Vampiress look with some awesome fringed bangs. Silver eyes topped my face off, giving me a more inhuman look.

To continue creating the look you've got to focus on the rest of the body. Vampires are known for the night, the darkness, so using dark colors is important. The use of black is important and lots of black really sets off the overly light skin, but black can be overwhelming. So I've added the red vial of blood at my neck, color on my lips, and used some different shades of black in the clothing to allow for the detailing on the clothing to show up further.

I love leather, and good SL leather can look awesome! I chose this +grasp+ jacket for the excellent texturing and the waist crop accentuates my curves. This dress from Canimal had an awesome zip up front and was short cut, but not too short. As a Vampress you need to be sexy, but not overly so. Too much skin can ruin the whole feel of the seductive and alluring temptress. The dress texturing was awesome too. Made me imagine soft fabric against my skin. I added some grungy lace-up boots from Shiny Things to top it all off.

Tips for creating this look:

1. Think alluring, seductive, while staying away from slutty.

2. Vampires are hardcore, so a bit of leather and grudge can go a long way if it's not used in excess.

3. Think dark vs. light as you pick out skin, hair and clothing colors.

4. Add splashes of color in small amounts.

Fashion Card:

  • Skin - Deathly Female by Whispers of the Night
  • Eyes - Sliver Eyes by Glowing Gems
  • Hair - Alex in Charcoal by Maitreya
  • Jacket - Women's Leather Jacket by +grasp+
  • Dress - Abaddon by Canimal
  • Necklace - Philter of Love by T R I D E N T
  • Shoes - Old Laceup Boots in Warm Black by Shiny Things
  • Fangs and Bite Marks - The Thirst by .:[ Bloodlines ]:.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lady Thera

Lady Thera

Deeta is wearing the pretty and feminine dress from Lady Thera called Frida Khalo.  It is delicate and the colours so beautiful.  The detail is simply amazing and give a light and summer like feel.  She has added shoes from Kittie's lair and gorgeous jewelry from Donna Flora.

Bierno is wearing a colorful top from Lady Thera called Giacometti. He also added shoes from Kalnins and hair from CheerNo.

Lady Thera

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Lelutka, Lola Suntan *Makeup 6* with tattoo layer lipstick
Hair - YS&YS, Premiere Chignon *Blonde*(from Group gift from Evelin skin)
Dress - Lady Thera, Frida Khalo (you can also wear it with extra detail on jacket layer)
Necklace and Earrings - Donna Flora, Vanilla Set
Ring - Donna Flora, Vanilla Ring
Shoes - Kittie's Lair, Alisa *Ivory*
Poses - Glitterati and Fri.

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 Tan 10-E
Jumper - Lady Thera, Giacometti Jacket
Trousers - Concrete Flowers, Checker Jean PT2 *Black*
Shoes - Kalnins, Gallop
Poses - LAP

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashionista Sim - Snapshot Destination

The Fashionista sim is not only home to our shopping district, the Museum and the stage for SuperElite Academy, but it is also beautifully designed and the perfect setting for some really great fashion shots. I decided to take a few shots to show just how versatile the build is.

Sim 30,133,27
Setting : Euphoria Air Pollution
Haze 1.65
Haze Horizon 0.75
Scene Gamma 1.82

Personally I like the above shot the best, as I have a thing for black and white stylized photographs

These two shots are taken at the stage, I just cammed around to change the view, I never moved Suede.
Sim: 176,110,35
Draw : Distance 248
Setting : [TOR] Scifi Sailor Moon

The Cherry Tree
Sim 89,85,21
Settings [TOR} Sunset warmer
Graphics set to Mid
Draw Distance 24

Style Card
Dress : Pixeldolls Slim Satin Dress in red
Hair : MMS, Venessa Hair in Brown
Shoes: Group Gift Bare Lana Stiletto Moody
Skin LAQ Laci- Peach Glow Skin No.4

As a side note I have chosen to wear a Chinese Style Cheong Sam as SuperElite will be hosting a Asian fashion show week beginning the 28th of June.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

AlaFolie Fashion Show Pictures

Here we have the pictures of the AMAZING AlaFolie Fashion Show!!!
And, one more time, congratulations for all who worked on it!!!

Hope you'll like :)

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gianmario Masala

Gianmario Marsala, the artist, the photographer, the avatar.

SuperElite is continuing it's long relationship with the visually stunning work of Second Life Photographer Gianmario Masala. Last year Gianmario took photographs of our models which were displayed in our Museum of Photography on the Fashionista sim. He also had a large article in the October 2009 issue in Avenue Magazine, this edition is still available on the web at the following address:-

Gianmario produced our blogs' banner and his work with filters and colours and light, show not only a unique prospective but also a man with a godlike touch when it comes to post processing y second life snapshots and below for your viewing pleasure, I thought I would show our other choices.

Gianomario has a flickr stream the address is below

and his studio inworld which is so worth visiting is

I think you can see why we love his work,