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Monday, May 31, 2010

•´¨*•.¸ Fashionista Focus ¸. *´¨*•.

Jade Glas - Vintage Glamour
This avatar reminded me so much of those glamorous ladies of the 1940's, Frances Farmer, Bette Davis the list goes on and on. I wanted to share her unique vintage look with you. We took 2 sets of photos firstly the black which includes a wonderful matching cloak and fur hat and then the white which focus on her satin ivory dress.

As per normal I asked Jade about her look...

I love SL Fashion because there are no limits on what you can do, or try, to have a new look every day in SL. In SL you can express your mood through your clothes and accessories....the options are limitless. No matter what you are looking for; there is a vendor in SL that has just what you are looking for, especially vintage, glamorous evening gowns. I love the fact that I can wear evening gowns, I have many from the big fashion houses to small little designers and they are all beautiful. Gowns that I would never have the opportunity to wear in RL.. So I wear them here instead.

Style Card - Black Photos
Skin: LAQ Claudia 08 peach Glow Skin
Shape: Faithe Shape - Custom Shape by Fantishee Jewel
Dress: SF Design Carmelle Gown in Ivory
Hat : Z's Russian Black Sable Hat
Cloak : Z's Russian Black Sable Flexi Cloak
Eyes : Paris Green Eyes
Bracelets: Morea Style "angel"

Style Card - White Photos
Hair: Damselfly Tobylynn in Cinnamon Warm
Armidi Hair; the Glamorous I - Ginger Collection in Dark Auburn
Skin: LAQ Claudia 08 peach Glow Skin
Shape: Faithe Shape - Custom Shape by Fantishee Jewel
Eyes: Paris Green Eyes
Dress: SF Design Carmelle Gown in Ivory
Necklace: Elegant Silver Necklace from Dari's Haus
Bracelets: Morea Style "angel"
Shoes: SF Design Stilettos

Do you want to be the Next Fashionista Focus.. it's easy.. follow the blog and send me a notecard inworld with a little something about yourself and a photograph embedded with your favourite outfit.. and lets see if I pick you.. smiles.

SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010

Congratulations to our MR SE Spring Winner: Liam Netizen!!!
And congratulations too to our 1st runner up Silure Ozsvar and our 2nd runner up Tesan Lane!!! And, of course: Congratulations for all who participate in the contest!!!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lexi Roxan

Lexi Roxan Designs

I met Lexi at the Graduation on Wednesday last and was taken by the beautiful face of her avatar and I actually asked her if she would like to be on the Fashionista Focus series, when she told me she was actually a designer in SL.. Blushes.. was I embarrassed, but she was so nice and so we decided to to do a blog on her designs instead.

Please tell a little about yourself and how you got involved with second life's fashion industry?

From the time I was a little girl I've drawn pictures of girls in beautiful dresses. I can still see my first picture of that princess in her pink dress I drew at the age of 5. My mother told me I was a talented artist but I didn't really think anything of my skills. In fact, my last art class was at the age of 12. Then I came here to sl, a world of fashion and beauty. And.. a need to design grew inside me so much so that after making my first tshirt I was completely hooked. I shared my creations with my friends who encouraged me to open a store. And I must say, without these supportive people in my life I know I would have never made it this far.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
Where don't I get my inspirations? I could see a beautiful fish and think wow I could use those colors in a gown. I am forever looking a pictures of designs, watching what people wear, and scribbling pictures on scraps of paper, dreaming them when I am asleep.... My favorite way I am inspired is to ask my friends about their dream gown and try to create it for them.

There is some controversy regarding dollarbies and freebies, do you think it is beneficial or detrimental to the second life economy.?
Well.. I give away a lot of items all the time. I don't know if it is hurting the sl economy but I feel that if we give to others we are likely to be rewarded. I would hope that people would see an example of my work and long to have more and therefore, buy , buy, buy!

Flexi sculpties are have a incredible difference to how clothes are made in second life, how did you find this transition?
Laughs.. I'm too young to know the difference.

You have many beautiful clothes in your store, which is your personal favourite?
Well.. my personal favorite is my dress called Crystal Glam. And it's my favorite as it is the one I am currently working on today. Every design is my favorite when I'm creating it. I put a lot of love into my work.

How long on average from concept to store do your designs take you and which medium are you using? oh... sometimes hours.. sometimes days. I run my work by many people from my models, my shoe and jewel associates.. and of course, my friends.

Which of your designs is the best seller and do you know why it is so popular?
My best seller would have to be my Distraction gown. I've had people say they saw it on the dance floor and loved it's flow. It's just a very pretty dress that you can't help but love.

Of the other designers in second life who do you admire?
This is not a dress designer but I have to say, Whisper Gravois. She designs such intricate works of art that we call jewelry. I am constantly amazed by her skill.

Check Lexi Roxan's profile for her shop location.

•´¨*•.¸ Fashionista Focus ¸. *´¨*•.

Liane Maertens

Whilst wandering the grid and hanging out at the most exclusive shops and events.. only for professional reasons of course... smiles.. I often come across the most well dressed avatars.
This lovely avatar was in the crowd at the Model Graduation on Wednesday and so I decided to start this new series with her.. Introducing the very stylish Liane Maertens.

I asked Liane why she was so fashionable and here is her answer in her own words and being Brazilian in RL.. she also kindly translated into Portuguese for us.

I came to Secondlife to become a model and each day I love more what I do, I love modeling and I learned a lot about modeling with Secondlife, this even changed the way I dress in real life. I just hope to continue doing what i do for many years still !

Eu vim para o secondlife para ser modelo e cada dia que passa amo mais o que faço, adoro moda e aprendi muito sobre moda com o secondlife, isso mudou até o jeito de como me visto na real life. Espero poder continuar fazendo isso por muitos anos!

skin: *League* Taylor Sunkiss
bangles: {CS} Glam bangle (Orange)
skirt: Miamai_Amanda_MayGroup Gift
top: Miamai_Anee Bronze Upper
shoes:*Kookie* Kat platform
hair: Miamai_Jojo LieBlack
bag: .*Courtisane*. Sacoche (Bag) Dubai
lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N15
flower in hair: Tomoto, corsage des fleurs noires

I am sure you agree that Liane has a definate 'je ne sais quoi' and has earned her spotlight as our Fashionista Focus this week.

Do you want to be the Next Fashionista Focus.. it's easy.. follow the blog and send me a notecard inworld with a little something about yourself and a photograph embedded with your favourite outfit.. and lets see if I pick you.. smiles.

AlaFolie, Glance & Lady Thera

AlaFolie, Glance & Lady Thera

Deeta is wearing the stylish and beautifully designed Lemon Lady Longue from AlaFolie.  The colours in this dress are simply stunning and remind you of a bright Spring day.  The bodice is devine which leads down to a full skirt with a gorgeous sheer overskirt.  The movement in the skirt is perfect and flows beautifully as you walk. A dream of a dress.

Deeta is also wearing the gorgeous skin called Bruna from Glance.  The makeup and detail to the face are striking and amazing.  The body detail is also superb. A glamourous skin which comes in 10 different makeups for you to choose from.

Bierno is wearing the stylish suit from Lady Thera called Klimt.  It is well made and has gorgeous textures and shading. It is perfect for many different occasions.

AlaFolie, Glance & Lady Thera

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Glance, Bruna
Hair - Donna Flora, Alessia Hair *Blond*
Gown - AlaFolie, Lemon Lady Longue (Includes matching shoes)
Earrings and Necklace - Styles Of Edo, Classic Akoya Pearl Drop Earrings and Necklace
Nails - Candy Nail , Basic Prim Nails *Yellow 04*
Poses - Glitterati

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 SK 11-E
Hair - Uncle Web, Al Hair Type A *Black*
Outfit - Lady Thera, Klimt Man
Earrings - CCD, Male Earrings Diamond
Boots - Redgrave, Classic Leather Boots *Black*
Poses - MADesigns

Thursday, May 27, 2010

superELITE Fashion Academy

Modeling Basic class Graduation Fashion Show

Today was one of superELITE Fashion Academy most fun events the graduation catwalk, the models strut their stuff in casual wear, intimates, swimwear and formal evening wear.

Graduating today were the 5 of the best quality avatars I have seen in a long time, 4 ladies and 1 Gentlemen. We will be having a closer look at each of them on the blog at a later date.. but just to whet your appetite I have the super photographs of today's event to share with you.

The show lasted in total about 25-30 minutes and was very well attended as you can see from the photographs. Amber Quinzet and Mangoisio Lohner hosted the show today and Amber gave a full rundown of each avatar's clothing, accessories and jewelry so it was very informative and I personally saw quite a few things I liked not only on the catwalk but also on the fashionistas watching the show ( I *IM* ed a couple of them) and managed to meet a great designer I didn't know at the same time , more about her soon teaser!!!!!

Beautiful Gowns at the end of the show, so many dresses.. so few Lindens.. sighs, I would have bought Guka Sparta's outfit too, he looked damn classy,.. if I thought it would have looked good on me.

If you are interested in viewing the next show it is scheduled for Saturday May 29th at

Fashionista 183,118,1524

Come and visit, beautiful clothes .. you don't want to miss it


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Model Training Sessions

Catwalk Practice

Weekly Model catwalk practice sessions are held in the superELITE Academy with Rena Mascot. I went over to observe and take some photos of the gorgeous models in the academy.

Featured in the photographs are from left to right are the following superELITE models 
  • Cecilia Verrazzoon
  • Marijana Aries
  • Estela Parx
  • Anabella Ravinelli
  • Locked Semaphore
  • Isabella Wikifoo
some of our models have included style cards for you, in case you see something you like.

Cecilia Verrazzoon
Earrings:[skream!] Silver Hoops
Capri:[Dissident Rock Store]
Blouse:(Kunglers) Catherine Shirt - Psycho
Vest: *COCO* ShortVest(StripeBlack)
Belt: *COCO* Wide Belt_Black
Shoe: Maitreya Gold - Espirit Black

Estela Parx
Outfit : (Kunglers Couture) francis blue
Shoes : Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren (Bronze)
Earrings and necklace : [alaMood] Nightlife Diamond *Gold*
Hair : p.c; Frida - Brown

Locked Semaphore 
Skin - -Belleza- Ewan tan
Shape - -Belleza- Ricky
Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ JONAS ~ ST III
[LeLutka]-CARLO pants/black_Pants
*Muism* Tank Top_MS/stone
*Muism* Short Coat/black
Shoes - Redgrave Elegance Shoes -Black
Eyewear - ROLE OPTIC SG-70 Titan
Jewelry - Gabriel - ::GBw::Eaglek_Necklace

It was fun to watch the models walk down the cross shaped catwalk, it was really like a proper fashion show and this was only them practising. It got quite complex with all the models walking out within seconds of each other and then walking back changing lanes and never once bumping into each other.

So if you are interested in learning how to prowl the catwalk with your model strut, contact Rena Mascot.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The Museum of Second Life Photography is proud to announce that Aisling Sinclair will be taking over the duties of CHIEF CURATOR for the museum, effective today.

"Ash" will be replacing our resigning curator, Mariposa Upshaw. And we couldn't have found somebody better to fill Mari's big shoes.

Ash is a graduate of Vasser, with a Masters at American University, she works professionally in television as a writer/producer. In Second Life she is the curator of the Eostara museum, a noted builder and SL TV personality.

Having helped build our wonderful new MOSLP building, she understands the space better than anyone can. Ash is looking forward to working with all our wonderful current honored artists and hopes to add many wonderful new artists to our permanent collection.

Welcome Ash.  We look forward to all your taste, talent and creativity will bring!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today at Fashionista, Press Presentation of our 10 finalists for the title of Mr SE Spring 2010!!!

During a great show with the amazing outfits of one of our most talented Designer, owner of SF Design, Miss Swaffette Firefly!!!
During this show, our finalists will not only have the opportunity to show us their skils and abilities of modelling but also to let us know a little bit more about who they are and what makes them a Mister SuperELITE Spring...
And, one more time, here we have the photos of the 10 finalists...


Hoje, na Fashionista, temos a apresentação dos 10 finalistas na corrida pelo título de Mr SE Spring 2010! Será um espectáculo fantástico, no qual iremos ver óptimos designs de uma das mais talentosas Designers, dona da loja SF Design, a senhora Swaffette Firefly!!!

Durante o espectáculo, os finalistas não irão apenas ter a oportunidade de nos mostrar as suas habilidades desfilando, mas também nos vão mostrar um pouco de quem eles são e do que faz deles o Mister SuperELITE Spring...

E, uma vez mais, aqui estão as fotografias dos 10 finalistas:

Regards, Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Renoir Night Gown - Lady Thera

Renoir Night Gown - Lady Thera

Deeta found the most beautiful dress at Lady Thera.  It is called Renoir Night Gown and is breathtaking.  It has a beautiful bodice and an equisite sheer over skirt.  Simply a dream of a dress and can be found at her store on the SuperElite sim.  There are more amazing gowns to be seen at Lady Thera, you will not be disappointed!

Renoir Night Gown - Lady Thera

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Elle Dark, Medium *15*
Hair - Fascino, Lill *Sesami Black*
Dress - Lady Thera, Renoir Night Gown
Jewelry - Donna Flora, Autumn Leaves
Shoes - Kitties Lair, Nadia *Fallow*
Poses - Glitterati

Thursday, May 20, 2010

superELITE Bloggers

We have taken a promo shot for the blog with our four main Bloggers from left to right:
Bierno, Deeta, myself. and Vanessinha.

Take a look at the big shot for the clothing features we all went to find something special for the shot. Style card is below:

Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 10-E
Hair UncleWeb Aj-Hair Meteoric
Shirt Mr.Poet Loose Shirt White
Trousers INDI Designs Frasier
Shoes Redgrave Casual Loafers Black
Earrings CCD Earring Diamond

Skin Belleza Elle Dark Medium 15hb
Hair W &Y Model Hair 04 Type A
Top & Gloves Indi Designs Lexi ( part of an outfit)
Shoes GField Floria Black rose ( available at LeLook only)
Trouser Ce Cubic Flared Trousers Of White
Earring & Bracelet Ganked Suri Yin Yang

Skin LAQ Laci No.6 Peach Glow
Hair Curio Papertiger 1 Black Brown
Dress Bijou Mirage in white
Boots Prestige in Silver

Poses from VPoses G_01 from the shop at Starlust.. Blocks mod.. normally come in white.

Dress Parisieen Rhedd ( white in Aqua)
Shoes Sonata Kalnins fashion footwear
Jewerly KoS set silver from Glow Studio

Monday, May 17, 2010

aDiva Couture - AnneJoy Paine

AnneJoy Paine, Designer for aDiva Couture

AnneJoy Paine of aDiva Couture will be collaborating with superELITE during our next graduation of Models from the Academy, I am sure you are familiar with her beautiful well draw clothes, and so I thought it would be interesting for us to look a little behind the avatar..

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with Second Life's fashion industry?
Hmm.. I am a RN in Real Life. handling emergencies in a hospital. If I have some free time , I use to sketch with my graphic tablet. I came to SL through a show on TV here in Germany and thought, this is what I always wanted, all my life I was interested in designing. So after being here two weeks, I simply started ;)

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
Mostly from the street, from TV . From self sewed rl designs for myself

There is some controversy regarding dollarbies and freebies, do you think it is beneficial or detrimental to the second life economy.?
hmmm.. very difficult to say, i often do specials and give out many things for free, its just that i love the fun of designing and creating. I am sure, there are many in SL who cannot afford to spend RL money. Through my RL job I am not really dependant on earning much money here. So this is for me more fun, but I think designers, who have to live from what they earn here, have sometimes a hard time through all those freebies and dollarbies.

Flexi sculpties are have a incredible difference to how clothes are made in second life, how did you find this transisiton?
I am ok with , currently I am experiencing with Sculpties more and more and wish that one day we have the chance to get flexible sculpties for a much better look.

How long on average from concept to store do your designs take you and which medium are you using?
Using Photoshop and gimp, Blender and Sculptypaint. I love to work with many mediums, best of all is my wacom. I love love love it ;) Hmm.. and I cannot say, sometimes, if textures are very high detailed and with lots of nice pattern, they take me days, cause all is handsketched, other things are much quicker. So .. depending on my time, and how busy my RL and SL is ;)

Which of your designs is the best seller and do you know why it is so popular?
One of my best sellers is Lush, Beyonce, Camille High Waist, Madeleine Cold Shoulder , Hot Chica. I think its the variety. From romance to sexy, classy to hot. There are many styles in my shop, which I think are all great. For me personally I could not say which one I love most. I only design what I like, so I love them all

Of the other designers in second life who do you admire?
Hmm.. To be honest, I rarely look around. I like free minds, same on bloggers who are free and open minded, and independent. That's what i love for me, and I love people who use their own head to make up their minds. So I could not say that I admire one here in SL. But there are for sure many , lots of good designers on SL ;)

and just to remind you aDiva Couture will also be showcasing their lovely apparel on superElite Graduating Models, more information will be posted on that exciting event when all the details are finalized.

superELITE - Mr. Spring Male Entrees

The last few remaining headshots of our stylish and handsome men in our Spring search competition.

Aspen Parx
Rezz Date 05/21/2008

Georgieboy Juliesse
Rezz Date 01/21/2009
Calv Foxclaw


We want to thank warmly our pageants because you looked amazing and fabulous! So, our future Mister SuperELITE SuperSearch Spring season will be one of those wonderfull gentlemen who successed in our 1st Live Audition:
Axel Somerset
Aspen Parx
Barney Helendale
GeorgieBoy Juliesse
Liam Netizen
Lars Foulsbane
Mesh Carter
Silure Ozsvar
Tesan Lane
Trouble Inglewood

Congratulations to all of you gentlemen!!!

Vanessinha Vectoscope.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

superELITE - Mr. Spring Male Entrees

The next stunning gentlemen to be profiled are :-

Trouble Inglewood
Rezz Date 08/03/2008

Mesh Carter
Rezz Date 03/08/2007

Barney Helendale
Rezz Date 07/09/2008

Liam Netizen
Rezz Date 08/27/2008

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last four finalists in the Spring Model Search for 2010

Editorial comment
How on earth is anyone going to be able to choose, these men are all so handsome.. sighs and still another four yet to come.

Petit Jardin and Salvador Dali Exploding Clock

Petit Jardin and Salvador Dali Exploding Clock

Continuing the journey around the SuperELITE sim and searching out the wonderful stores Deeta has opted for a dress from MEB.  She was not disappointed as the clothes and accessories are amazing.  Deeta choose the gorgeous outfit Petit Jardin which includes the belt and boots. The colours of the outfit are striking and daring and are just perfect for a bright Spring Day.

Bierno opted for a very well designed waistcoat from Lady Thera.  This is called Salvador Dali - Exploding Clock and has the most intricate texture and design. Lady Thera does designs for both men and women and her clothes and textures are influenced by some of the most beautiful paintings and works of art.

Petit Jardin and Salvador Dali Exploding Clock

Deeta Aeon

Skin - Belleza, Elle Brown Brows Deep Tan * 18 HB Cleavage*
Hair - Truth, Paige *Espresso*
Dress - MEB, Petit Jardin  (Includes Belt and Boots)
Bag - Malt, Suede Tote *Plum*
Necklace - and Bracelet - Fri. , Loop Jewelry *Oranges*
Poses - Striking Poses

Bierno Yoshikawa

Skin - Belleza, Ewan v2 Tan 10-E
Hair - Bryce, Kenny *Blacks Midnight*
Waistcoat - Lady Thera, Salvador Dali Exploding Clock
Top - Muism, Tank Top *White*
Pants - Muism, Kirk Jeans *Black*
Necklace - Emery, Dundee *Tooth*
Earrings - CCD, Male Earrings Diamond
Belt - Sey, Carving Leather Pants Belt *Black*
Shoes - Kalnins, Dinamika
Bracelet - Mandala, Soul Bracelet
Poses - LAP

Friday, May 14, 2010

superELITE - Mr. Spring Male Entrees

Here are headshots of the handsome men in superELITE's Spring Model Search 2010
The first three to be profiled are :-

Tesan Lane
Rezz Date 7/5/2007

Lars Foulsbane
Rezz Date 12/15/2007
Silure Ozsvar
Rezz Date 02/23/2006

Three of the most handsome avatars in Second Life, check back tomorrow for the next three finalists pictures.